Saturday, August 2, 2014

California's Severe Drought: Ignorance Is Not Bliss!

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't enjoy opening unexpected bills such as for a medical procedure I had months ago.  Here comes another stray charge to add to the $15K kidney stone operation, right? The pain certainly forced me into a quick resolution, but I somehow wanted to delay opening another bill. After a few more days of spending from my ignorance is bliss account, the time had finally come to open the bill.  Wow, it was just $9? I was grateful they made an error and reversed the charge. So the reality was that all that time I had only delayed what was actually good news. The truth certainly hurts sometimes but often times not. I've since learned it's not a good idea to delay truth's arrival in any form.

Unfortunately when it comes to ignoring the news about California's extreme drought crisis, ignorance is clearly not bliss. It's not bliss especially since ignorance can be used as a tool of oppression by evil people who have their own plans on what they intend to do to reduce what they consider to be an unmanageable growing population.

It's been a few years of drought now and one can observe a lack of action of California's State government has contributed to people withdrawing from their imaginary ignorance is bliss accounts in hopes the drought will somehow magically disappear. The fact of the matter is it's only gotten worse as the U.S. Drought Monitor has reported that 58% of California is now in a state of exceptional drought.

It's clear to me that this drought has been engineered through chem trailing over the past several years. While they've been busy spraying toxic chemicals into our environment in secret projects our government allowed, they've done nothing with weather engineering technology to promote rain.  The government certainly has the technology in the 21st Century to seed the clouds for rain water but has apparently decided to use it for outrageous secret projects where people often complain of illness.

Here's a video of my former boyfriend from 1982, Michael Lynberg, talking about the spraying in Pacific Grove California a few years ago where the California State government could have cared less about the human health damage it caused.  This is also parallel with today's article, EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants On People For The Obama Administration's Agenda. - Truth & Action, August 2, 2014 

California Governor Jerry Brown's limp wrist elitist response to drought is "voluntary 20% reduction"  when the state has only one year left of reserves!

In SFGate's July 30, 2014 article California Drought, We All Must Conserve, Governor Brown's casual attitude towards this serious drought crisis came across loud and clear:
"Gov. Jerry Brown signed an executive order in April that prohibited homeowners groups from fining members for brown lawns - it underscores the problem with Californians' response to the drought." 
The lack of rapid response by California's State government was required but all we've heard thus far is "voluntary 20% reduction".  This limp wrist response by the Governor Jerry Brown is against a back drop of an alleged one year window before water reserves completely run out! One year left of water and Governor Jerry Brown issues a "voluntary 20%" decree?  Who's he fooling?  To me, this is evidence the government's complicit in this drought and there is a plan, not to bring back rain by promoting cloud seeding for rain, but for migration, real estate collapse and quite feasibly death en masse.

As a Christian who has the Holy Spirit, I wanted to say this drought is not the doing of God.  Instead, this is interference by corrupt evil men with an agenda who want to use this man made engineered drought to promote their global warming propaganda.  These men, in turn,would also like to use this drought to get masses of suffering people to blame God for denying them water.

I believe from the evidence that they've clearly  been doing something to our environment through chem trails for many years now. Certain people are evil enough to create this drought scenario to promote global warming in order to accelerate their wealth through a worldwide carbon tax.  I believe there are people evil enough who could care less if California is destroyed, that people will be required to migrate to other states and forfeit their homes to the banks.

California Wake-Up Call - Extreme Drought Will Lead to Mass Migration and Real Estate Collapse - August 2, 2014
Mass migration away from California is inevitable: The inevitability of the mass migration away from California still hasn't quite sunk in among most people who live there. Almost no one has thought about how they might afford to move out of California when the value of their own property in California will be approaching zero. 
Lynn Wilson is the academic chair at Kaplan University, and she serves on the climate change delegation in the United Nations. "Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought," she said in a CNBC article. (4) "We may have to migrate people out of California." 
God wants us to repent and turn back to Him, but I don't believe He orchestrated this drought, that this is man's own doing. The reason I know its a man made induced crisis is because they have the ability to induce rain through weather engineering. That they are clearly taking no action speaks volumes. They are also far too late with only one year of water reserves to let people know they need to reduce water usage, too late to close the thousands of golf courses, too late to put real restrictions on the lady at my gym who takes 20 minute showers due to her mental illness, too late to prohibit the use of watering down sidewalks in order to clear a few leaves away, and too late to let people know how threatening this drought is to their future!

Take heed, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! this is the work of evil men who want power, control and domination over everyone on this planet.  Never put your trust in the government or in the hands of men, especially whom you do not even know personally! There are evil men who are planning on unleashing hell on earth. Turn to God, His Word and repent of sin asking Jesus for forgiveness. Accept the Holy Spirit and He will lead you to safety. At least if you somehow lose your physical life on earth, you'll have sealed your eternal fate to be with God forever in heaven rather than hell.

We can't do anything to earn our way as alleged good people into heaven, what Jesus did on the cross was a gift because all of humanity is fallen without hope if it weren't for Jesus solving our spiritual problem at the cross as the Messiah!  God gave us a way out through His beloved Son and doesn't want to lose anyone to hell. Unfortunately I've met personally with at least one man who told me he wanted to go to hell. Believe it or not, there are those who willfully seek hell as their final eternal resting place.  That man wasn't ignorant of hell's existence but many Americans today are living in inexcusable ignorance.  It's time to wake-up that God has a timeline and heaven's gates will be closing forever! God won't be unlocking those gates to listen to anyone's sorry tale, there will be no excuse acceptable to Him.

All who allowed ignorance, not God, to rule their lives, who refuse to repent and turn to Him for forgiveness, have no hope of escaping eternal hell.. Ignorance is not bliss!

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