Friday, August 15, 2014

The Devil's In Comedy Polluting People's Souls

God's shown me people who follow comedians have depraved spiritual lives and hardened hearts who use manufactured comedy as a form of escapism.  This includes all of the comedians in history outside the jurisdiction of Jesus Christ. Comedians end up overwhelmingly in eternal hell because the nature of their profession is evil in God's sight.

Real Christians don't follow comedians of the world nor its entertainment systems including Hollywood films and whatever's coming out of the music industry especially today. God is all we need for entertainment, He opens our eyes and has a sense of humor that's far superior to any from fallen human beings. 

In 2007 I gave up watching television when I realized it was turning me into a brainless zombie watching endless repeats with commercial breaks of 7 minutes.  I watched Will & Grace reruns like I used to watch I Love Lucy repeats when I was a kid. So I stopped watching tv sitcoms and comedies and haven't wanted to look back since.  I never saw one Seinfeld or Sex and the City, not even Friends in years prior either. I have no interest in these programs.  

After watching many Hollywood films in life, sometimes multiple times, I also stopped going to movie theaters from way back in 1998.  My last theater film was Finding Nemo outside documentaries. Last year I even dumped my entire DVD collection, all of it including Lewis Black and even Ellen Degeneres.  I'm done with it all. 

When I recently observed the deranged depraved attitudes of the followers and fans of Robin Williams in the comment section, I realized why God doesn't want me ever seeking the entertainment of this world. These people are spiritually blind and arrogant with a tremendous sense of confidence they shouldn't have without Jesus in their lives. In other words, the laughter's hardened them to the point they have no fear of God.

Time's running out to turn to God for forgiveness and accept Him. He is the only true God, He lives! Jesus is the Messiah! There is heaven and hell as the only two destinations after death, one or the other. No waiting terminals like at the airport to decide after death, it's all based on God's Word where we go. He won't be examining our lives based on human standards of how warm and fuzzy our lives were as unrepentant sinners.

I think of the comedians who give their lives over to the kind of people who commented on my last blog post, and I realize why comedy is evil in God's eyes. It's nothing more than escapism for people who don't want to face spiritual problems through Jesus so God hardens their hearts.  The people are largely hardened and unteachable who follow these comedians with such arrogance in denial of God.  The comedians have become these people's pseudo preachers they use to avoid church, pastors and God Himself.

Only Jesus can save fallen humanity from hell where all are headed without Him.  A little depression is nothing compared to the eternal fate of hell suffering separation from God forever.