Monday, August 11, 2014

Was Robin Williams an Atheist?

Like everyone else, I grew up with Robin Williams' comedy and he made me continually laugh. I never saw any of his films except for Ms. Doubtfire and even got the DVD.  Regardless, a few months ago I saw a clip of Robin Williams expressing great disrespect for God in one of his acting scenes, a speech before God in which he said something to the effect of "you're just not worth it."  I was deeply appalled, not to mention shocked. I prayed very deeply for Robin Williams' salvation that evening and promised God never to see another of his films ever again.  A few days ago Robin Williams crossed my mind after I heard he'd be doing a sequel of Ms. Doubtfire.    

I was once again shocked to hear reference to the character's hating God in this 2014 trailer.

Robin Williams was very ignorant and political about God and didn't so much as turn to Him in gratefulness after he survived a heart operation that he continued on with alcoholism. After I heard the news of his alleged suicide, I visited the trailer video clip of his new film Angry Man From Brooklyn that was about a man learning he only 90 minutes left to live.  In the trailer, once again, the theme "he hates God" came up.  

I did a little research to discover Robin Williams was likely an atheist which makes sense why he allegedly gave up so easily on his life without reaching out to Almighty God.  He apparently allowed Hollywood's last script to lead him to think about his own death in new and revealing ways by sharing his fantasies with his audience.  
"Williams was brought up by an Episcopalian and a Christian Scientist. He seems to claim Episcopalian but many speculate that he's really an atheist." -Robin Williams -
Robin Williams apparently lacked a real relationship with his Creator and never sought after God's guidance in his life relying solely on his own strength, talents and entertainment idols such as Jonathan Winters who died in 2013.  See Robin Williams: The Sad Truth the Media Won't Tell You - Joe Schimmel- August 12, 2014

I think this performance was very unwise and a sign of real ignorance to choose this kind of material for one's comedy routine. Robin Williams obviously had a lack of fear of God to put something like this together for the public.

The fact remains these famous people in Hollywood who have no real spiritual foundation are all destined to perish into eternal hell without Jesus!  This is very serious, God's not playing around, it's either heaven or hell!

This tragic outcome of Robin Williams' life demonstrated that no matter how talented and influential one is, if they lack a sound spiritual foundation in Jesus Christ, they will perish and end up in eternal hell.  There is only one way to heaven and that is by the narrow path of Jesus as revealed in His Word.  Fear God and turn away from Hollywood films and entertainment because time's running out!

Powerful testimony of an atheist professor's little trip to the afterlife in hell and back

Woman had failed suicide attempt, had glimpse of eternal hell.

So for everyone who loved Robin Williams, it's time to wake up, to start accepting and loving Jesus Christ as the only one who can lead you out of eternal hell to the gates of heaven. No one else but Jesus is the way out of hell because all of mankind is fallen from grace headed there without Him.  So stop wasting time with entertainment and study God's Word, pray and repent of these distractions because time's running out, we're on God's time table, not our own.  

I recommend listening to Dr. Charles Stanley and Dr. David Jeremiah's pod casts to begin building a new life in Jesus Christ, and to purchase a study Bible (Life Application Bible - NLT by Tyndale publishers listed in the right menu panel of this blog).  These are very serious times we're living in, it's time to give up these comedians and turn to Jesus as the source of our happiness who died for our sins to save us from eternal hell so that we could enter into the Kingdom of God to live forever with Him.  Jesus solved our spiritual problem for us and it's time to accept that fact and begin a new life with Him.

What non-believers don't understand is Satan took Robin Williams life, that God had offered him grace and mercy for 63 years. Without any spiritual foundation and relationship with God none are equipped to deal with the serious issues Satan and his demons pose to our lives.  This is why Christians are in continual spiritual warfare, we know what we're facing because it's all disclosed in His Word. We are given full authority over demonic spirits and Satan himself through our Lord Jesus who defeated him at the cross and resurrected to eternal life. 

I love God very much and He is the priority in my life now.  People who put idols like Robin Williams before Him have no idea what they're missing in Jesus Christ.

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