Monday, October 6, 2014

This Masquerade - Are Some Internet Trolls Really Cloaked Demonic Entities?

There's a certain person who seems to be inhuman in his actions and words, who doesn't think or behave like a normal human being who I'll refer to here as Mr. Woman.  Mr. Woman has a long history of being a troll on the Internet who I have come to learn through a new spiritual understanding through Jesus Christ that he's really functioning as a cloaked demonic entity.

There's a lady who killed herself yesterday after being outed as a troll.  I don't know the details of what she wrote or what the story was really about but I'd like to suggest this lady was likely under the control of demonic spirits that possessed her spirit to then self-destruct after she was unmasked.  I'm suggestion that once unmasked, trolls believe their folly's over and the host for the demon is discarded as trash for failure to conceal their identity.
"A woman found dead after being accused of trolling Madeleine McCann’s parents had sent thousands of Twitter messages about the couple, it was revealed yesterday. Brenda Leyland, 63, tweeted that she ‘hated’ Kate and Gerry McCann and launched online diatribes about their behavior in the aftermath of their daughter’s disappearance."  McCann Troll Sent Thousands of Hate Tweets  UK Daily Mail.

A certain desperation of Mr. Woman I've encountered indicates someone who believes if he doesn't successfully carry through with his scripted program to complete his mission he will face a similar fate.  I believe Mr. Woman thinks that if he doesn't outright destroy my life he will ultimately be exposed as the troll he is.  Such is why I have been letting Mr Woman know all he has to do is turn to Jesus for forgiveness and repent of his sinful activities on the Internet.  Mr. Woman needs to repent and turn to God before Satan completely destroys him as he recently did this troll woman. He is a possessed man unable to help himself without turning to God for his ultimate salvation.

I believe Mr. Woman is possessed by evil spirits who have cleverly cloaked themselves through his trolling activity under the direction of a Hollywood horror movies effects man whose a clear Satanist.  Mr. Woman has no control over his life, hence his desperation to achieve his goal to destroy a child of God's credibility and life in the process.  He cares not the fool he makes of himself to a court he's using for his vicious troll like attacks. He is not even conscious of how he appears to others in his behavior and writing.

Mr. Woman shows all the signs of demonic possession likely from his participation in the occult and rejection of God since he dropped out of  high school.

The late Pastor Derek Prince's ministry addresses how to understand how Satan's Kingdom operates. In this four part series one can learn the Biblical principles of what humanity's facing and what we need to do to put on the armor of Christ as our protection from Satan's schemes and tactics.

I'm suggesting that the demonic entities controlling these possessed Internet trolls so occupy their victims that he or she no longer can discern their true identity.  Hence the demon possessed souls fear they will self-destruct if ever exposed to the world. Brenda Leyland didn't value her life having given herself over to Satan in the process.

"The believer is helpless against the devil except when he or she is clothed in the armor of God. We cannot defend ourselves against his direct or indirect attacks in our own strength.  It is only as we are "strong in the Lord and in the power of His might" -( Ephesians 6:10) that we can walk in victory God has planned for us. - David Jeremiah - Spiritual Warfare - Nature of Satan Chapter 

Normal people don't kill themselves over such a ridiculous thing that one can only come to the conclusion demonic spirits were involved in trashing their host.

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