Friday, November 28, 2014

Are Ferguson Freeway Protesters Fake Being Paid To Block Traffic?

click to enlarge (link: The Real Revo Blog)

As many become wiser with age we begin to observe things such as how the media tends to distort and warp reality by concentrating on very small percentage of the population's opinions who protest loudly.  Outside the handful of  protesters are millions of observers who disagree with them.  When protesters like these go on a rampage blocking freeways across the country over this issue I often wonder if they're getting paid for their time, especially since they're not even being arrested like what happened on the I-5 freeway two days ago.

Professional protesters, perhaps paid by our very own government? Not arrested for blocking freeway as they clearly should have been for endangering lives.

I once had an acquaintance share his experience of being offered cash and a free lunch to act like an invitee for some luncheon for some corporate event. This offer came to him after the event crashed with few showing up.  To make themselves appear viable with interested participants, they forked out a ton of money for an event with many fake people in the audience

Whenever I see rioters and protesters I review the facts to determine what the real issue is.  As stated in my previous post, Sympathy For The Devil, Riots Unjustified By God, the real issue seems to be rioters wanting an excuse to access free HDTV's, iPads and whatever they can find during their raids of retail stores.  This is a criminal uprising that started with the thuggery and theft of Michael Brown. It's interesting to note had the liquor store he robbed had a hand gun available to protect his store, thugs wouldn't have likely bothered to target him for theft.

That this issue's now branched out into blocking freeways with very few arrests, it seems our government may be behind the tremendous tolerance for this behavior. Some city jurisdictions obey the Fed stand down arrest order as in this video while others clearly do not.  One can only deduce these people have a lot of time on their hands likely being paid while given a script for propaganda.

Those people blocking the freeway, if not paid professionals, are truly insane stupid people.