Saturday, November 1, 2014

President Obama Summons At-Home Moms To Trash Removal @ Pennsylvania Avenue

The gay agenda's attack on the family, American culture and values in general continues to crescendo with the latest attacks on at-home mothers by President Obama, a former gay bathhouse pot smoking cruiser in his early adult years

President Obama interrupted his longstanding amateur golf game and was twitching at the podium of a speech he gave attacking stay at-home mothers.

In a response column published by the Christian Post, attorney Kristi Burton Brown gave voice to how many have been reacting on Facebook, YouTube and other channels. 
“I hope you misspoke, but let me tell you how this comes across to stay-at-home moms,” Brown replied to Obama. “You’re telling us that the money we earn is more important than our kids. You’re telling us that leaving the workplace to stay home isn’t a choice American moms should be making.” 
She continued, “As a stay-at-home mom myself, who is also an attorney, let me tell you that I want to choose my kids over my career. I honestly don’t care if missing two decades in the work force means that I’ll never make as much as a male attorney over the course of my lifetime. My kids – people – are much, much more important than my money – mere possessions. And my choice is just as valid and just as equal as the choices of the single mom who needs to find a quality daycare and a high performing school to put her children in.” - Video: Obama Slaps At-Home Moms - 

Meanwhile Obama's Administration allowed companies like these from Silicon Valley to bring in  workers from India to the San Francisco Bay area who were paying a whopping $1.21 an hour rather than employ U.S. citizens. See Silicon Valley Company Caught Paying Imported Workers $1.21 An Hour

President Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, changed his identity and social security number so he could rise in American politics, who once visited gay bathhouses in his early adult years.  Obama's continuing the attack on American values of family by suggesting at-home mothers should be out in the workforce. In other words, they need not address the importance of loving and caring for their families but to be outside their homes working for $12/hr paying taxes for the reckless spending of his corrupt U.S. government.

Obama's an evil President who also works on behalf of the gay establishment, (see Homosexual Manifesto from 1986), out to ruin everything America has ever stood for.  He's a lousy golfer who wastes taxpayer money on his trivial evil pursuits, a no good criminal element who needs to be removed from the White House.

Maybe a new career for stay-at-home mom's would be to remove the trash from Pennsylvania Avenue! They certainly won't be able to help in the area of propping up an erection for the President's frustrated wife. President Obama doesn't realize you can stay home and raise children in this day and age with technology and still have a part time job in your home using today's technology!  Calling all at-home mothers, will you please take out the trash first at Pennsylvania Ave for America?

From my own experience, whenever there's gay men around in the work force, I was always pushed to work much harder to the point of exhaustion while they were allowed to lounge around and have an easy well paid job with long trips to Italy. I was on a 50 cc motor scooter while they drove company BMW's. I had to fight for a one week vacation while they were granted whatever they wanted at any time. Single women don't do well when it comes to being part of the workforce wherever gay men are involved and neither do single women with children.

This is what happens when you let a homosexual in the White House, they have no regard for women at all, just putting a masquerade on for their own power plays.  They're psychopathic users and deception's their con game.

There's a huge stink of trash at Pennsylvania Ave that needs to be removed, after the duty has been completed, the at-home mothers can return to raising their families again.

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