Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alex Jones Identity Crisis Overflowing With Crazy Videos, Needs Prayer

Radio host Alex Jones has had signs of growing mental illness lately since he hasn't put out any films in recent years. His former self of years ago would be embarassed for what his program has become, one of entertainment and mockery of current dangerous times we're in. How can anyone take Alex Jones and his program seriously when they have the audacity to release videos like these?

This is about as low as it gets. Though Alex isn't in the video, he approved the content.

I stopped listening to Alex Jones' radio program a few years ago.  I happened to see this video advertised in YouTube to discover just how far Alex Jones Infowars has fallen since 2012 when I stopped.  His paid staff are just doing a job to keep the operation going.

Alex has expressed a secret desire to retire having released the following crazy video unsuitable for serious viewers concerned about the state of the nation.

Alex Jones's mind's cracking as America falls.

Alex Jones has reduced himself to an entertainer who can't be taken seriously anymore.  I will be praying for him of course.