Saturday, March 14, 2015

Governor Jerry Brown Plans On Culling California's Population Thru Drought

In a reminder to all that liberalism is a mental disorder, Governor Jerry Brown's lack of action to prevent a catastrophic outcome due to California's drought speaks louder then words of what he and his fellow delusionals in State government are planning.  The State has just one year left of water as the state leadership does nothing significant to divert a catastrophe when they most certainly had opportunities to do so. See NASA Scientist Says California Will Run Out of Water in a Year - Needs to Ration Immediately - UK Mail - March 14, 2015

Instead of doing his Governorship duty to implement water rationing laws, one commenter on UK Mail stated it best about the tepid response of California's liberal leadership.
"These are the same people who are allowing billions of gallons of fresh water to drain out to the ocean from the Sacramento delta to save a fish. This is a man made problem. We just had four decent rain storms move thru SoCal and the idiots in charge let all I that water drain out of the LA river as well. We are horrible at conserving the rain water we get." - Comment - UK Mail
It's becoming crystal clear the state government in California has full intentions on allowing this matter to become as worse as possible to kill off its own population. In other words, the liberals in charge have no problem allowing this drought to kill off masses of people  As the commenter on UK Mail says, this is a man made disaster due to poor planning, lack of vision and proper attention to the problem.

Folsom Lake - July 20, 2011

Folsom Lake January 16, 2014

'It's abundantly obvious that almost no one actually living in California has yet come to their senses about the reality of this situation, because if they did, there would be a glut of homes for sale as everyone tried to get out ahead of the water collapse. "The last people to understand the collapse of an empire are those who live within it." writes Jeff Thomas of California's water supply headed for collapse in just one year; state has "no contingency plan" - NASA scientist  Natural News - March 14, 2015

When the drought kicks in, property values will plummet in California. If California's government can't provide water to its residents its economy will surely collapse and the exodus to other states will begin.

Though California's not the richest state on the planet, this comment has some truth to it.
"The Richest State on the Planet and the Politicians and the Population have still failed to sort this out over the past decade. Every thing from Almond Farming to Climate change has been blamed. A 4 year drought and continued Human over consumption and the failure to implement very costly alternatives. 365 day and this article suggests that California will be as dry as the Atacama Desert." - Commenter UK Mail
Yet another commenter hits the nail on the head:
Thank God California invested heavily in desalination plants instead of welfare for illegals, bloated retirement payouts, and 'light rail'. Oh wait... Commenter UK Mail

When Governor Brown wakes up one day to observe his state has no water, he'll likely take off in some Lear Jet along with his wealthy elitist pals to some oasis far away and let the state burn.  Never forget that liberalism is a mental disorder!

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