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A Lesson In Ungodly Counsel -- Therapist Aiden Talbot Guy of San Francisco

"How blessed are those who reject the advice of the wicked, don’t stand on the way of sinners or sit where scoffers sit!" - Psalm 1
**UPDATE 3/7/2016** Aiden posted another crazy review of my business 11 months later proving he's a true cyber stalking jerk****

Aiden's got a lot of time on his hands still cyberstalking and posting fake reviews on my notary business nearly a year later after this article posted.

**UPDATE** After I wrote to one of my former clients on the board of the Progress Foundation, I received a phone call stating Mr. Guy is no longer employed there having left "several years ago." This explains all the time on his hands.

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Aiden's profile shows review of Wicked Grounds in S.F.
I can testify to the fact a psychotherapist at the Progress Foundation, a non profit in San Francisco is making no real progress without God in his life.  How do I know? Because this psychotherapist's been harassing  and annoying me on Yelp. Today I came home from a long day of being at UCSF notarizing a man dying prematurely at the age of 58.  He visited the doctor in late February and never left the hospital due to a rare case of leukemia.  Today was the dying man's birthday and he married yesterday to his long time girlfriend.  It was a very intense hour notarizing trust documents for this poor man.

I spent the day running all over San Francisco providing services only to come home to a nasty long winded review on Yelp on my business having nothing to do with my services and everything to do with a psychotherapist's disagreements with my comments on a YouTube video.

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Aiden Talbot Guy's response to my message on Yelp about his review.
Psychotherapist lingo of "thanks for reaching out", "holding up a mirror for you", etc.  This is one of 12 messages he sent.  Even after he took the review down, Aiden threatened with more as if he's my therapist wanting to document everything I do on the Internet.

Aiden Talbot Guy's arrogance in multiple communications thereafter outed him for the only "Aiden" listed in San Francisco who could possibly conjure up so many red flag terms such as "you're playing the victim" he repeated over and over again.  The name "Aidan" is the common spelling of this name, "Aiden" is far less used.  .

I planned on coming home to a nice dinner and reading God's Word only to have to deal with a long tedious review of me personally having nothing to do with my business.  Aiden responded to my first message with "thanks for reaching out to me" that is typical of a psychotherapist lure into a ungodlly counsel snare.

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Aiden is just a troll who chose to take things out of context in a YouTube discussion about the Chinese flag being raised above the American flag at the White House. A woman made a comment that she was appalled anyone would care about such a silly thing.  (It's against the law). I commented I understood why it took so long for women to get to vote for such dumb comments and the chaos women are causing in our political system. 

When I later discovered Aiden works at the Progress Foundation, I recalled a former roommate they once evicted there that I submitted her court docs to various entities back in the late 1990's. Ms. Cassells continually called the police on me even when I was working long hours at a law firm off the property I was on the night shift at.  To put it simply, she wanted the lease for herself to a tremendous deal after her previous 5 court evictions.

Here is a sample of Ms. Cassell's case writings against the Progress Foundation in 1989 prior to her moving in as my roommate back in 1995 at the invitation of the leaseholder.

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This kind of patient who stays at the Progress Foundation writes responses to eviction notices like this proving the doctors didn't help.

The degree in which Aiden Talbot Guy has been cyberstalking and obsessing over me indicates he likely was aware of the above mentioned case I forwarded years later to the Progress Foundation about a former roommate.  He has been intensely cyberstalking and gathering data on me to post on Yelp as if he has some authority, self appointing himself as my psychotherapist.

That Aiden Talbot Guy has nothing better to do with his time is clear. He might consider I'm on God's schedule doing what He asks me to do.  Because God's not in Aiden Talbot Guy's life, he has nothing better to do with his time but try to stir up trouble.
"It's very important for every person, especially you ladies, to understand that
the entire American society is against the Bible. UNGODLY COUNSEL is everywhere around us in society! From television, to psychiatrists, to doctors, to colleges, to the police, to the court system, to even many fake churches... America today has serious problems with the Word of God. Psalms 1:1 teaches that God blesses us for choosing His counsel instead of listening to idiots who don't believe the Bible. Ungodly counsel is any advice that is contrary to the Bible. American society is plagued with bad, ungodly, advice. You ladies are idiots if you seek advice on your marriage from pant-wearing hussies who don't live by the Bible. Of course they're NOT going to give you Godly advice. Godly advice comes from godly people, Christians who love the Bible." - Beware UnGodly Counsel - Jesus is
I don't take advice from such people and don't seek their counseling. So sad this guy can't get out of the mind cage he's in to see reality for what it is.  What I experienced tonight was someone of the devil trying to lure me into his mind control plot that God exposed who he was within an hour. Aiden lives a fake life wand needs to get a life with Jesus Christ.  I'll be praying for this lost man. 

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