Thursday, April 16, 2015

Radio Host Michael Savage Comes to Rescue of SF Catholic Archbishop Salvatore

Today's radio broadcast by author and popular radio host Michael Savage was dedicated to those San Francisco Catholics demanding their orthodox Catholic Archbishop be removed due to his disagreeing with their views on gay marriage among other things.
"In an unprecedented move, more than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members signed a full-page ad running Thursday in The Chronicle that calls on Pope Francis to replace San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone for fostering “an atmosphere of division and intolerance.”  Prominent Catholics Call on Pope to Oust Archbishop -, April 16, 2015
To put it simply, Savage believes it's wrong to demand a religion change its ways to meet the demands of a bunch of leftist bullies, that if they don't like their religion they should leave it for the Episcopalian more liberal version perhaps.  In saying this, Michael went so far as to also claim his belief that Roman Catholicism is the purist form of religion there is and that we should be grateful to the priests and nuns who disregard pleasures in life to be more holy as an example to the rest of us.  These statements certainly made the priests who called into the program very pleased to say the least.

As the radio program went on I could no longer bare to listen to Michael Savage's level of ignorance on the topic. Just to clarify, Michael Savage isn't a Christian being a secularized unsaved unbaptized sinner without the Holy Spirit having no relationship with Jesus. Whatever he says about religion is based in his own lack of genuine study and interest in the topic he clearly trivializes. Savage is a worldly man with a worldly mind who can't comprehend spiritual matters being blind. Jesus isn't in Michael Savage's life and that's clear to any true Christian who listened to his broadcast today defending Catholicism as the "purist form of religion" while shaming those who mock the nuns and priests who also falsely accuse child molestation.

I decided that instead of my writing out the information about where the Catholic religion came from that's rooted in Ancient Babylon, I thought I'd post outstanding videos from The Fuel Project's Know Your Enemy DVD series, that's an outstanding culmination of mankind's history from beginning to end.

I'll put the entire series video at the very end for anyone who wants to watch the 10 hour series on YouTube. It's well worth the time to understand what happened to mankind since the fall from Eden and I'd highly recommend it.  To understand the full evolution of Roman Catholicism, it's probably best to even watch Part 21, Caesar, as well.

Know Your Enemy - Part 23 Roman Catholicism 

Know Your Enemy - Part 24 Catholic Symbols

For those who have a thirst for the truth of the entire story of mankind from beginning to end from the real Christian perspective, this is the video I highly recommend.  

Know Your Enemy Part 1-77 (full HD)