Saturday, April 4, 2015

Where Were You During This Historic Anniversary Event Of Jesus' Dying On The Cross?

Yesterday I was thinking throughout the day and praying a few times being grateful of what Jesus did for me personally and for humanity at the cross offering freedom for everyone from bondage to Satan and eternal hell as the outcome. Jesus was crucified around around 3:00 pm on Friday April, 3rd in 33 A.D.  
On Crucifixion day I wondered who I'd be visiting being summoned for mobile notary public services each day.  God always demonstrates His hand in directing my schedule. This is why I was genuinely perplexed as to why I was summoned twice to some crazy liberal start-up software company headquartered in Germany around the time of Jesus' death on the cross. 
This company's a long term client I won't mention by name for obvious reasons. I haven't heard from them for a while and I'm glad for it because they're by far the worst company in San Francisco I've been to in six years.. After three months of not hearing from them, I find it interesting they chose Crucifixion Friday to call me back to their property in how they had kept me waiting 20 minutes to witness their employees depravity during the time my Lord Jesus was crucified and about to die.  Like no other company, I wasn't even offered water during the long tedious wait.  Most every client offers me a beverage as I wait for their appointment. 
Around the time Jesus was dying on the cross 1,982 years ago, I witnessed their highly casual depraved young staff with champagne and cupcakes partying at their cheesy little wet bar. Two young men were serving their gals and, on the other side of the room, three young women were dancing around like idiots because one of them got a promotion. One of their executives was sitting on their living room couches with his portable PC calling out questions to a staff member from across the room. 
So, as I waited on their property 20 minutes it later dawned was during the time Jesus died.  I felt like the devil was trying to distract me on this property during the historical Crucifixion of my Lord. Then their company CEO had me called back 20 minutes later.  
As a Christian I interpreted the meeting that the CEO was acting in self interest being in denial he was a sinner at the very moment in history Jesus was dying on the cross. He had even came close up to my face looking into my eyes and was trying to form a bond with me.  All I had asked for was the document title for my journal since it was in German and he went on about how he needed the document to prove he wasn't a criminal. As a fallen godless sinner, every man and woman's a criminal in God's eyes who can only end up in eternal hell no matter how good they think they are.
Regarding these people at this company, I've never witnessed a more depraved godless staff of 20-30 somethings. How I wish I could have spoken about Jesus or even yelled out in anguish as Jesus died hundreds of years ago at this time, "Look at what you're doing partying with champagne during this historic time my Lord suffered an excruciating death on the cross!"   What makes this year even more unique historically is there's a blood moon on April 5th just as was recorded in Scripture at that time.  Needless to say,  I have no plans to provide my notary services to them ever again.  My notary services affected my ability to speak to them about Jesus, I could only sit there waiting in silence observing the insanity around me while praying inwardly for spiritual protection. In retrospect, I really should have taken the day off completely spending the day in prayer and in God's Word. 
Then at around 2:30 I was on my way clear across town to the home of a 99 year old woman who had all kinds of Buddha idols because her late husband manufactured them. Due to a social worker's recommendation Mary Elizabeth was about to be transported by her Godchild to Texas. I later prayed Mary Elizabeth would come in contact with some Christians prior to her passing. I realized I was just 15 years old when she and her late husband moved into that cramped apartment. The fruits of their lives in that small cramped apartment for 40 years indicated their idol making wasn't blessed by God who hates idolatry and handmade idols of any kind.
"You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.…" Exodus 20:3-4
In my mobile business I see many homes with Buddha idols inside but very few with Jesus presence there such as Bibles or paintings, an indication of a Christian couple or family.  There's very little Christianity in San Francisco, people think they don't need God in order to be good people.  As Christians we know that nothing we do of ourselves is worthy of God, we depend on Jesus our Savior and what He did at the cross and follow Him and His Word.  Jesus came to earth to save humanity from eternal hell and bring us back home to be with God.  This, rather than with Satan as the former angel Lucifer, who tempted mankind through Adam and Eve to fall from God's Grace. We, having been created in God's image, all face a certain outcome of eternal hell without a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Here's some brief history in this outstanding video by The Fuel Project on how Roman Catholicism is full of pagan idols and where Easter and Christmas holidays were derived from.

There's no such thing as a "good" sinner who hasn't accepted Jesus in their lives and they will never enter in heaven without a relationship with Him. I do my part to pray for these people whenever I'm moved by the Holy Spirit to do so.