Friday, October 30, 2015

Charlatan Nick Vermillion Unmasked As False Christian Teacher

Be on the lookout for fake Christian profiles on Twitter along with fake personalities trying to get your attention in order to direct you to ad revenue for themselves.  You wouldn't believe the extent some go to in order to get you to subscribe to them. Their first trick is to subscribe hoping you'll subscribe back.  They will set up a really good looking Twitter profile with lots of dedicated posts to God, but if you're not careful you'll become part of their ad click revenue stream.

I recently noted a Christian subscriber to my Twitter page, Katherin Gollihar, who did an awful lot of posting and linking to someone by the name of Nick Vermillion and his Twitter posts. After doing a little more research I deduced not only was Katherin Gollihar @Katherinadi a fake Twitter profile, but Neil Vermillion was posing as a fake public figure and Christian teacher who was really nothing but just an every day kind of crazy social networking consultant professional.

The vicious fraud Neil Vermillion behind the fake Christian teacher ad revenue stream

From my research it appears Vermillion was using Christians as his target audience to generate ad revenue. In spite of his bad acting and attempt to appear a genuine teacher on his YouTube channel, Neil Vermillion isn't a Christian but someone who views Christians with great contempt teaching half truths from a half baked on-line fake ministry.

Neil's Facebook page claiming to be a public figure 
Vermillion has a Facebook page claiming to be a public figure that he obviously used from tricks of the trade as a social network consultant to obtain.  His LinkedIn profile shows otherwise with just 71 network connections. There's no other information on Nick Vermillion to support him being a public figure or anyone other than Satanist out to mock Christ and His followers with false teaching. 

Neil uses half truths of his own making not relying on Scripture itself, only vague references to it.

Along with his @NeilVermillion account, he also has #DailyPropheticWord

I watched a few videos of this man and some of them seemed genuine but so do many of the fake tv evangelists and other of the cons who are making money off of naive Christians with false doctrine well disguised teaching.  Neil Vermillion's teaching much like a psuedo psychology based new age spiritualism, throwing in common sense sounding Christianity never quoting Scripture except through vague references.  

This is an example of a fake Christian trying to teach fake wisdom not rooted in God's Word while appearing genuine and kind hearted.  In other words, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Nick Vermillion may sound genuine, but he's an absolute false doctrine teacher making things up as he goes with vague references to Scripture. 

Does Mr. Vermillion really think he's fooling anyone with this act? If he does, he's insane!  No genuine Christian's going to follow this Satanist.  The joker fake smile, full of hatred for Christians is of Satan.  Teaching people whatever sounds good to the human ear?

Satan's an evil counterfeiter of God's works. This man's not a Christian but a fool.

Any Christian birthed in sound doctrine with the Holy Spirit can tell you why this guy's a fraud.  He makes things up in his own mind, his thought patterns aren't Christian and it's obvious he hasn't studied much Scripture nor does he rely on it in his teachings other than vague references.

All it takes is a little research on the Internet to discover Vermillion's created a fake image of himself to promote for ad revenue with Christians as his target market.

So be careful on Twitter, there are a lot of fake people with bad intentions trying to get the Christian community's attention for our money. I also spotted a Muslim posting as @christianlover who had subscribed to me.  I discovered a Muslim behind the posts who hated Christians so I alerted a few of his followers who thanked me for letting them know.

I could carry this post much further, I could go into wolves in sheep's clothing and psychopathic manipulators, but I won't.  I think you get my drift about people like this, they don't believe God's real so they take advantage of others' beliefs in Him that they seek to profit from while distorting God's Word planting lies.  They come in all shapes and forms.