Monday, November 2, 2015

SF Mayor Ed Lee Begs For Syrian Refugees In Deal With The Devil

It's no secret that San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's one of those spineless politicians who does whatever he's told from the political chain of command in the devil's hierarchy. A few in San Francisco may believe they have a Mayor named Ed Lee, but they're mistaken. What they really have is a demon possessed zombie with the devil pulling his strings, something far worse then a robot running the city government.

News is beginning to circulate what a boot licker Ed Lee's become since taking office four years ago.  Take this article a few days ago about a local singer confronting Lee over his getting people kicked out of the city.
"Equipto, an 25 year veteran of the Bay Area’s local music scene and collaborator of Andre Nickatina, had no qualms serving Lee a nice warm cup of fuck off in front of his staff and other coffee shop patrons.“You are a disgrace to Asian people,” he shouted. “You have no heart, man.” See video  Singer Equipto Cusses Out Ed Lee At Coffee Shop 'You're a Disgrace to Asian People' - SFWeekly, October 7, 2015

Equipto, "I know you're getting people kicked out here. You have no heart man!"

You see, Mayor Ed Lee doesn't work for the tax payers of San Francisco who provide he and 35,000 city employees paychecks and pensions.  Ed Lee works instead for President Obama, a/k/a the devil, who views San Francisco as city without borders reaching all the way to Syria. The reason I know this is because Mayor Lee has agreed to be an eager participant expressing a strong desire to take in Syrian refugees into San Francisco that absolutely defies logic. Mayor Lee's name was recently denoted on a list of 100 city Mayors begging for more Syrian refugees. See 100 Mayor's Beg President Obama for More Syrian Refugees, WND, November 2, 2015

As everyone who lives here knows, San Francisco can't afford to bring homeless refugees that already has thousands of mentally ill homeless people living on its streets where the average American can't even afford to live.  If the average American can't afford the rents of San Francisco, Syrian refugees certainly can't afford the high cost of living and will become frustrated to the point of committing terrorist acts against the U.S. citizens.

San Francisco's not a place to dump any more third world country employees let alone homeless potential Muslim terrorists! When the Muslims don't acclimate to such a competitive environment, they will carry out terrorist attacks on the people of San Francisco and beyond.  They will not like this city one bit.

Syrian refugees arriving in America know our country displaced them with its policies there! Bringing thousands of Syrian refugees to the U.S. is like throwing piranha into a cultural fishbowl.

Mayor Ed Lee proved he's a zombie serving his superiors all the way up the ladder to the Federal government. In return his Democratic pals plan on getting him into the California Governor's mansion one day. San Francisco  tax payers are expected to fork out more of their money for an invasion of foreigners who will only end up committing heinous terrorist attacks against them. When Mayor Ed Lee finds his city that elected him in chaos due to terrorist attacks, he only has himself to blame and his decision will be recorded in history as being out only for himself and his best political interests.

Mayor Lee's just an empty suit doing what he's told to do and therefore a soulless devil among other devil based superiors out for his own political aspirations of becoming California's Governor one day.