Friday, December 4, 2015

Johnathan Kleck Needs Deliverance From Demonic Spirits Please!

***Update Posts Below***  This evening I was shocked to learn a very delusional disturbed Johnathan Kleck was a guest on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a radio program that usually provides quality Christian and investigative programming.  Prior to this evening's program, a few years ago I had already heard of Kleck having explored his videos and message.  I've since come to the conclusion Mr. Kleck's demon possessed and in need of deliverance as such.

The Hagmann Report introduced him as an alleged researcher in his presenting a psuedo court case from his life experiences.  Kleck apparently can't be interviewed like a normal person having a need to endlessly ramble on about himself and experiences as if he's something special.

The Kleck's always seeking avenues of attention, even on The Hagmann Report to its shame.

A demonic spirit's been working through Mr. Kleck's works that are not the fruit of Christ.  I would like to request people stop feeding his need for continual attention that comes from an ego problem rooted in the flesh. Kleck's circle of friends need to provide support and healing for him on a personal level.

There's a demonic entity working through Jonathan Kleck whose always seeking attention with crazy stories about himself that lead nowhere.  The video's being posted only to show how crazy this guy sounds with his rambling testimony rooted in delusions of grandeur.

I'll be praying for this man's deliverance but won't be paying him any mind listening to his loony tunes stories being trapped inside his head.

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