Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beware Of The Rise of Female Cults on Facebook, Social Media

We're living in dire times like no other with the dangerous Hilary Clintons of the world on the rise. Be on guard for masks of your so called friends being removed. It could happen without notice and over the slightest disagreement. This will happen primarily due to those having never really healed from wounds of their hearts and souls long ago. (See Mending Cracks In The Soul - The Role of the Holy Spirit In Healing Wounds of the Past - Dale M. Sides, 2002)

I learned a long time ago the nature of women in female clicks is to turn against another in a split second under the direction of one in authority. You may think she's your friend, but not really. Because if you fall out of favor, the lead wolf of the pack will summon her pack to rip you to shreds on the way out.

No matter how much time you might have spent with them, middle aged women who run in packs, the ones you can witness on Facebook especially, are naturally vicious and this also goes for those who claim to be Christian. The sad part is these females think they're Christians but only in theory in terms of practicing what they preach. Because being a Christian isn't as simple as many make it out to be tending to make them hypocrites and legends in their own minds while awaiting God's "pearly gates".

The following is a lady who claims to be a Christian who I don't know, don't want to know, have never communicated with, who is part of a cult of their Christian cult leader Sandi Smith on Facebook.

A complete stranger Sarah Shimazaki in Japan cyber stalked me on-line today posting her findings on Sandi Smith's FB page.  God's Word calls this sin, "Gossip" and "Slander"

Upon my departure on FB today, this wolf pack attacked by bringing some of the fictitious content on the Internet written about me by a psychopath* (see below).  The rehashed Internet garbage I've never read nor visited before is clearly the work of an obsessed mentally ill man, an amateur attempt at a psy-op. I witnessed this female wolf pack feeding off of the information making disparaging comments about me as if watching porn of a woman they deemed deserving to be virtually raped.

My Judgment for $25,136 obtained in 2010 for Defamation in San Francisco

Believe it or not this all happened today because I defended human DNA as not being "demonic" related to the fall of mankind.  The female cult was being directed to the teachings of author Rheta McPhearson who claimed human DNA is "demonic" based on scientific studies claiming there's a shadow DNA.  This presumption is false as is the assertion of the fall of man causing human DNA to beme "demonic". Absolute insanity, isn't it? Women need to find their man and life and get over their petty little arguments, whether it be Jesus Himself or their earthly husband. Either way women need to be with men in my humble opinion.

Cult followers of Sandi Smith were allowed to post slander of me on her FB page.
When I posted materials countering false claims, I was blocked within 10 minutes.

The female wolf pack made sure to virtually rape as I left them on FB, having gawked and himmed and hawed in comments at the material written about me on-line by a psychopath. This was done deliberately as a form of humiliation when I stood up to the pack leader that our human DNA isn't, in fact, "demonic". That's right, I never ever challenged Sandi Smith in nearly two years. I've been very supportive of Sandi through thick and thin until she began promoting an apostasy teaching that human DNA has been corrupted due to the fall of mankind.  That is an unproven presumption that opens the door for transhumanists to step in claiming they can create a new and improved edited DNA.

DNA kit - $199 will provide a test to determine health and ancestry information

I know for a fact that God doesn't want our human DNA altered as happened in the days of Noah. I'm all for using DNA to learn of our health conditions and ancestry but not for anyone to tamper with for any reason. I learned all about the horrors of what evil people are planning to do with human DNA from Steve Quayle's latest book Xenogenesis.  This book's info about DNA tampering is why I view "demonic" DNA theory as being very dangerous opening the door for transhumanist philosophies to flourish over how to improve it.

If you belong to a group of female friends, please note that the lead personality most always has a pack behind her waiting to attack anyone who brings up genuine issues. Attacking human DNA as "demonic" is entirely inappropriate and uncalled for, something Satanists do to trash mankind's existence. Human DNA can't be demonic unless it's mixed with another species such as an animal, technology or supernatural beings.

In summary

A pack of vicious females under direction of their pack leader believe themselves to be genuine Christians who are under the false belief human DNA is "demonic" from the fall of mankind.  I will always strongly refute with factual evidence from God's Scriptures.  There's a huge leap from Adam & Eve having had their eyes opened to good and evil after eating from the tree of knowledge to that of their allegedly having "demonic" human DNA.

Human DNA isn't "demonic" unless mixed with other species, including supernatural beings as was recorded in the Book of Enoch and Genesis 6.  Mankind couldn't be redeemed if he was changed into some other being through tampering with our DNA. That's why the "666" in the Bible likely has something to do with genetic alteration because it cuts humans off from God's offer of eternal salvation.  Such is why it's not good to claim human DNA is demonic since the fall of mankind because God wants us to protect, not trash, it.

One last comment, I'm no longer following nor recommending the ministry of South African Christian author Rheta McPhearson who started this whole belief about "demonic" DNA based on scientific studies she read about of a "shadow" DNA.  These studies were likely the inspired work of transhumanist scientists spreading their Satanism through science.

*The material written about me on the Internet is from a psychopath conducting an amateur psy-op who I came to the attention to when I was singing and composing music back in 2007.  A special effects director for horror films, Rick Lazzirini, was also involved in the project as evidenced  by his Hollywood attorney Joe Hart's Motion to Quash filed in 2009 in response to my subpoena for a lawsuit I filed.