Sunday, January 31, 2016

Christian Attacks on Human DNA Being Demonic? Really?

This is in response to those Christian women promoting the idea that human DNA's been corrupted as "demonic" due to the fall of mankind: 

"Little by little, the genetic line created by the fallen angels had polluted the human line. So much so, that by the time of Noah, God had decided to destroy all life on the planet. With the exception of one extended family, Noah and his family were the last hold outs, the chosen few who still had a pure human genetic line.

Thus we read that, "Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations." (Genesis 6:9) In this case "generations" means "genetics". Xenogenesis, Steve Quayle, page 36-37

Genesis 6:9 is why Christian author Rheta McPhersons' assertion, based on a scientific claim of shadow human DNA being discovered, is clearly without Scriptural basis. Rheta takes great liberty to claim human DNA has been corrupted since the fall of mankind using a metaphor of a "flipped coin" being created in God's image of man that became partly demonic after the fall.

It's a fact human DNA was preserved through Noah that God had to send a flood due to supernatural based genetic tampering back then. I explained this to Christian Sandi Smith who oddly brought up this topic after I posted I was going to get my DNA by 23andme analyzed for health problems and ancestry migration info. Sandi wouldn't back down from promoting human DNA as being demonic thus attempting to place a curse on me.

Xenogenesis - Genetically modifying the human race!

Sometimes people get too puffed up in their knowledge of God's Word unwilling to back down. Sometimes people become arrogant and forget it's not those who believe they're good who Jesus came to save, but those who are sinners He died for. God hates pride and arrogance. When Christians become this way they need to be reminded only God's good and to remain humble full of humility not seeking any special status for themselves.

A special Note to Christian Sandi Smith and her Flying Monkeys on the Internet:

That's okay Sandi, go back to taking care of your adulterer son who planted his seed in some alleged crazy foreign munch-kin who didn't last a year with her. Just leave my alleged demonic DNA out of your thoughts and your flying monkeys off the Internet to gather data for your curses and next witches brew. Better yet, Repent of the lie you believed based on Genesis 6:9 and apologize for your arrogance and offensive conduct refusing to back down that you were wrong.

When one spoils their son doing everything for him in life, he doesn't last one year in marriage bringing home his baby for you to take care of for months upon end living with you. You, at 50, shovel snow at 3:00 am in the morning as he sleeps. Then he sleeps that afternoon with his son, you have to wait for him to dig out the snow again. Snore. . . . . you have to bake your own birthday cake. Snore. . . . . .you have to take care of his son all day.  Snore. . . 

There's no inspiration to have children whatsoever.  After watching your videos I'm actually happy I didn't have any kids now.  C'mon, don't take us through the pains of the pomp and circumstances of a wedding of a foreign stumpy short woman with all the hoopla and then a year later say casually that your son divorced her that he moved back with you. He's an adulterer now who didn't have any Scriptural basis to divorce his wife who didn't cheat on him. It's depressing and nothing to be proud of. It's a huge fail. This shouldn't have happened and there's no excuse for an alleged Christian family that claims to have visitations by angels to have allowed it to happen.

You can't place a curse on my DNA just because your family's losing it Sandi, I'm about to have it analyzed as you were well aware. I'm not proud of it, but it's not demonic either.  I do forgive you along with your pitiful flying monkeys on the Internet (one of them looks a little like the younger actress Jessica Lange, did you know?) who are searching for dirt on me over this issue but you've gone too far. This response was the result of your not repenting nor apologizing as the cult leader that you apparently are, bubble bath proclamations and all.