Saturday, January 30, 2016

Morphing Into An Undercover Investigator Has Its Drawbacks

One summer day back in 1982 I was 22 years old driving my blue RX-7 sports car in Southern California's Hermosa Beach suburb when I came upon a lady waving her arms at me to pull off the road on a suburban street. I pulled over, got out and greeted someone who looked like a concentration camp survivor who had been beaten. Clearly inebriated and delirious, the middle aged woman led me to a nice house.

When we arrived at the two story beach home I entered cautiously being afraid the abuser might show up. The lady had me sit down where I began asking questions about her condition. I noted rope burn marks around her neck and bruises on her face that she had clearly been beaten. She confirmed her husband had beaten her upstairs in their bedroom so I asked if she wanted me to call the Hermosa Beach Police and she responded "no, they only cover up because my husband's a wealthy business man". I can't recall the details, but I became upset to learn the police wouldn't do anything about this crime being complicit with it. I spoke with a neighbor who confirmed they tried to get the police to do something over the past several months and they refused to press charges because the abuser was a successful business man.

I had a lot of anger and upset over what happened to this lady so one day as I was walking along the beach bike path in Hermosa, I came across a police car riding on the sidewalk at the strand. This was so unnecessary and arrogant I screamed an expletive "F*** You!" and the next thing I knew the cop was on foot chasing me throwing his baton. Not only did he throw this dangerous weapon for cursing at him and giving him the finger, but it had struck my elbow. I ran away, and it was dark since the sun had set by then so I decided to hide in some bushes like a fugitive as his police car searched with flood lights.  I could hardly believe how they had treated me like a criminal this way. It was clearly brainwashing.

I was taken to their jail and released without charges that evening as I explained to the police lady what happened. That was the first time I had ever been in jail before. I then came back in a few days dressed professionally to file a complaint against the officer. I had a meeting later with the HB Police Chief over the baton that had struck me. Had the baton not hit me I don't think I would have complained, I was really concerned I could have been killed and wanted to nip this police practice in the bud for others' safety as well.

During this process of filing a complaint, I also referred to myself as an investigative reporter in a letter to make it more important. I came in for a meeting and told the Hermosa Beach Police Chief I had been testing the police for an article about their professionalism in the face of First Amendment protesters. In this, I confess I was wrong to appoint myself as such. One can't morph this way due to circumstances of this nature. I was very wrong because I had genuinely lost my cool that evening. I had been enjoying the sunset and here comes a police car on the strand that triggered memories of that poor beaten woman they didn't protect.  I had no excuse to react the way I did, it was sinful.

This was my first altercation with police and I wanted defeat them this way. What they did allowing that lady to be beaten angered me. I repressed that anger until it was triggered by the hubris of police cars on the beach I was enjoying that evening during my jog. One of my former neighbors in Palos Verdes Estates California was a cop for the HB police who told my mother I got his friend in a lot of trouble. It's a small world. I recall the neighbor telling me about George Orwell when I as a young teen and there he was years later complaining to mother I got his cop friend in trouble.  I wasn't living there at the time so imagine my shock to discover her visitation by the cop.

Clearly not being a real investigative reporter, I had morphed into one in order to help defeat my adversary. If you're like me, I'd recommend never doing this to the police because they will stay on your tail the rest of your life like Big Brother using various markers.  I also eventually learned the cop screwed my mother one evening after getting her drunk with a friend. Cop's are generally bad news. They've been writing false police reports about me throughout the years and over blowing things through false witness testimony and even employees. So this is why there's so much written about me on the Internet because it's a psy-op the police have been working through cyber stalkers on the Internet I complained to them about.  I contacted the San Diego Police about Edmond Wollmann and they turned the tables on me and the Court there later finished me off and shut me up barring me from filing any more lawsuits even though I've won three the past ten years not filing them frivolously.

Back when I worked at Williams-Sonoma Corporate in 1997, I noted the police began infiltrating my working there in peculiar ways. There was also a former FBI interrogator standing over my work area behind me overseeing what I was working on and who I was communicating with. He began being a bit controlling directing me to be quiet so I was a little paranoid realizing men were behaving secretively there spying on female employees.  I was so stressed out with the management change I accepted a few hits of marijuana from a neighbor that accelerated my paranoia as well.

One of the employees, a young Asian woman, had a police officer boyfriend's photo on her desk and I noted she had marks on her face and seemed traumatized. I realized the girl was being abused by her boyfriend cop. Here we go again! The cops eventually infiltrated Williams-Sonoma influencing false witness testimony against me having conversation with management there. They then shortly began coming onto my rental property forming a friendship with a five time evicted roommate who called them on the property 17 times when I wasn't even there.

I really wanted to be a private investigator and even worked for one back in 1994 helping to find a lost runaway teen. I also wanted to be a whistle blower for corruption and to go undercover. I had no fear and nerves of steel, so I thought. Unfortunately, like in the latest Planned Parenthood case, the system will find a way to turn the tables against people like me. That's why I believe the Court in San Diego had no problem with all the defamation and slander being written about me that they punished me severely for filing a defamation lawsuit that started due to horror movie effects man Rick Lazzarini contacting me through another's identity in 2007. The sickos formed their own system to combat women like me who expose their evil. See BOMBSHELL: Rick Lazzarini Filed Motion to Quash His Identity for Malicious Activity - March, 2012 

Back in 2000 after I designed, (See also  I'm So Sorry I Designed BrainChannels) I designed a flash website called Spider's Catch that was an early variation of NBC's undercover operation to catch people wanting immoral sexual relations with minors. I'd document S&M sickos in law enforcement and government and put their photos they sent me on a website. 

One of the guys even worked for the government who drove all the way out from Sacramento, rented a room at the Marriott Hotel of all places where I sent a fax to him that he was busted. I'd offer a free Spider's Catch T-shirt to mock these guys with a "Catch of the Week" profile on the site, then show them hanging in a cocoon on the web as metaphor. Clearly endangering myself, after a couple of months I stopped the operation realizing how dangerous it was. The government official who drove from Sacramento insisted I'd never escape, but he had no way of getting my name and never met me in person. He had no way of knowing who I was. 

I wanted to be a professional investigator but didn't want to go to college to get a degree so I couldn't be one. I played dangerous games seeing myself as an undercover citizen activist. The next time I got in trouble with police when I was younger was in 1985 when I was at a gym in Santa Monica. I came out to find they towed my car I needed very badly, because I was sleeping in it at night waiting for a check to arrive for a student loan. I had no registration and there was a ticket for not paying registration on my vehicle so the only way I could get it back without paying a lot of money was to go to jail for two days. I decided I'd use the experience for more "undercover" work morphing into an undercover investigator again. In the holding tank I'd sing with women Annie's tune Tomorrow and try to cheer them up because they had been busted for for more serious things related to drugs.

What I learned in my self-appointed investigation was, thanks to Ronald Reagan in the 80's, people had to go to jail to pay their fines because they didn't allow community service. The law had just changed so I was transported down to Sybil Brand Institute the day of the Space Shuttle disaster on January 28, 1986. I recall watching on the tv monitor of the event as I waited for the jail bus back in 1986.  I was sent to Sybil Brand Institute downtown for two days to pay off my car registration ticket. There I learned how class oriented the jail system was, mostly poor black uneducated women. Women were put in a large warehouse room with many beds. It was a nightmare I regretted participating in especially since I hated the smell of smoke and all the noise.

I've been repeatedly punished by the system for getting entangled with it this way and everyone can witness how men have been on my case setting me up for on-line psy-ops of continual attacks from complete strangers. I since learned the police and government is a lot like the Terminator. They're demonic and will never give up until they destroy their enemies. Though Officer Ron Gehrke was later sent to jail on Christmas Eve in 2012 who I filed a complaint about for entering my property numerous times here in San Francisco due to a five time evicted roommate's request in order to get a 3 foot R.O. against me, any brush with the police is bad news for me. I never want any officer to get to my driver's license if I can help it. Though I've never been convicted of a felony, they won't hesitate to give me a difficult time.  See Officer Ronald Gehrke: Who Does He Think He is? - October 17, 2013

If Christian women have recently done this, use the information written about me on the Internet for power over me, so will Police Officers and anybody who's into power.  I started out wanting to help others and fight injustice but one can't do this on their own, it's a very dangerous thing to take on for a woman especially. I didn't have the emotional strength nor self-control to deal with self-appointed investigative work, it's a special skill one has to acquire. In the end these men tried to make it look like I was abusive to women at times.  It's always some kind of a power issue and conquest for them. I can assure these guys that God's in control, not them, and they will have to find this out for themselves.  When I learned Office Gerke, the man who trespassed on my property behind my back, went to jail on Christmas Eve in 2012 and lost his pension I knew God was involved.

We may have good intentions, but if we don't follow God's written Word, we will fail every time. So be aware God put authority figures over us for a reason, don't mess with them in any way. God will punish them on his own. Don't try to set them up or test them how they'll respond.  It's just stupidity to do this.  It may take over a decade, but God will deal with them on His own terms. Trust in God and don't get too involved in setting up your enemies to fail because it could really backfire.

Rest assured, there's an amateur psy-op on the Internet, a website full of half truths and distortions documenting me to the public in order to distract from law enforcement's activities since I've denoted and accused them of many things over the years. Had I applied God's Word to all situations this wouldn't have turned out this way and there would have been a victorious outcome for my time and efforts.  Yet repentance means a lot to the Lord, this I know.  Never underestimate the power of repentance to change God's mind and keep seeking him to change your situation through prayer.