Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pimpin Mayor Ed Lee Treats San Francisco Like His Whore With $4.9 million Super Bowl Taxpayer Bill

I don't like to read the news anymore because it seems designed to outrage citizens like myself but I couldn't help but note how insane it is that the City of San Francisco's hosting two NFL events without any agreement for reimbursement for its total costs. Unlike Santa Clara that has an agreement for $3+ million in costs to use its city for the Super Bowl, San Francisco has none. The NFL only plans on reimbursing for a minimal small fee.
"San Francisco is only getting reimbursed for costs associated with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department staff setting up the event areas and the fire department would get partially reimbursed for its services. The estimated reimbursement total for both is $104,257." NFL Sacks San Francisco With Superbowl Costs - SFBay News January 16, 2016. 
This recent fiscal recklessness follows a pattern of how back in 2013 San Francisco took a huge loss hosting the America's Cup that left it in the red for $5.5 million. See: America's Cup Put San Francisco In The Red $5.5 Million. - SFGate 12/10/13

San Francisco's City Government Metaphorically Sells Out City To Gang Rape
"The City is hosting the Super Bowl City fan village and the NFL Experience, which will cause traffic detours and Muni reroutes starting on Jan. 23 and lasting until Feb. 12.  It will cost The City around $4.9 million to host both events, which includes costs from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation for providing extra transit service and parking control officers to direct traffic. The mayor’s office had first initially estimated the total cost at $4 million." NFL Sacks San Francisco With Superbowl Costs - SFBay News January 16, 2016.

This, my friends, is metaphorical gang rape of the tax payers of San Francisco!

It certainly appears that the liberal delusionals in San Francisco government have no regard for fiscal responsibility wanting to whore out their city time and time again for cheap gang rape by wealthy entities.  This pattern suggest corruption at high levels. It's obvious this is deliberate negligence on behalf of local city government for all to witness.  These politicians don't seem to care what they're doing at all.

This is all happening because of godlessness, people who don't believe God exists or has the capacity to know what they're doing.  I wouldn't be surprised of Mayor Lee has an agreement in place for China to come in and invade San Francisco, sell out that he is.

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See America's Cup Put San Francisco In The Red $5.5 Million. - SFGate 12/10/13