Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How Do We Shut Cheryl Meril Up? Let Us Count The Ways

Columbo PI series from the 1970's 
I've been ignoring something that's been evolving on the Internet for a few years now, that of a huge blog put up about my alleged fraud in life that's some kind of a police inspired psy-op.  It's never been much of an issue in my personal life but when a few Christian women began using the information against me recently I've decided to respond in totality.

I believe the Internet psy-op's designed to win public approval to make sure I go down in history as a hated person with a failed life.  I'm a nobody as it is, but the police want to make sure that no one will be saying anything good about me, that I was a "troubled" person.  The psy-op was allowed up by the San Diego Court system that at that time was falsely accusing me of being a felon.  (See post Morphing Into An Undercover Investigator Has Its Drawbacks - February 1, 2016)

First I wanted to confirm I had to get vocal about what the police were doing in my life years ago that I genuinely feared for my safety decades ago.  This issue began in the 1980's when I filed a complaint against a police officer in Hermosa Beach California for throwing his baton and hitting my elbow after I responded angrily to his driving with arrogance on the sidewalk on the beach. After I was hunted down like an animal with floodlights and I witnessed the cop asking which way I had run as a perceived injured animal, I stepped out of the bushes to be arrested.  I was taken to the station and released without charges.

My Complaint Filed After Being Struck By A Police Baton Thrown at Me at the Beach

The incident just described was the first time I had ever been arrested. I filed a complaint and spoke with the HB Police Chief claiming I had gone undercover as a student project to test police professionalism due to many complaints.

The Police Chief apparently came down hard on his officer he had already had issues with. I know because my mother later told me a cop, who still lived with his parents on my former street in Palos Verdes Estates California, had visited her to complain I got his friend in trouble. This same cop, who I had gone to high school and worked with at the L.A. Forum in security, later had sex with my newly divorced mother one evening after getting she and her friend drunk. The cops were really infiltrating my life in so many ways they've made their presence known and have been for the past four decades now.

Early on I had developed a genuine burning anger towards the police after witnessing a woman brutally strangled having rope burns who had waved me down in the middle of the road. She took me to her home and told me her husband was beating her which her injuries showed. She said the police wouldn't help her.  I was too young being 22 years old at the time to know what to do about this problem and, since the neighbors confirmed the police wouldn't help because the man was a powerful business man, I felt helpless to help the woman having left her with suppressed anger of police not doing anything about it.  When I witnessed the evil of police this way, I knew they were capable of covering up abuse of others. (See post Morphing Into An Undercover Investigator Has Its Drawbacks - February 1, 2016)

How Do We Shut Her Up? Let Us Count The Ways!

So in my experience, police have taken great interest in me over the years trying to shut me up.  They interfered in my trusting my mother with their activities and I had no support system to deal with them. I've witnessed the viciousness of those who I thought were my friends who I lived with in 1988, who the police infiltrated, who they turned against me with great upset and anger simply based on rumors the cops were spreading about me.  Cops were lying to people about me and trying to create a case against me over a long period of time to form a pattern while they're to be allegedly exonerated as heroes. (See Police Officer's Sick Orwellian Brotherhood of Darkness - February 10, 2012)

The simple facts remain:

1.  In 1982 I was struck in the elbow with a baton thrown at me. The officer was reprimanded by the Hermosa Beach Police Chief and his cop friend, who I had went to high school with, spoke with my mother about how I got him in trouble. The same cop, a former neighbor in Palos Verdes Estates, CA,  had sex with my mother after her divorce.  (Please note that the Supreme Court has since ruled it unlawful for a police officer to arrest someone for flipping them off, that's it's First Amendment Rights.)

2.  On four occasions police have conducted meetings with roommates spreading falsehoods and lies about me scaring them while encouraging them to file complaints against me for restraining orders. The Palos Verdes Police in particular caused two sets of roommates I lived peacefully with to go into hysterics about my living with them I was even physically attacked by. This though I wasn't eve living in Palos Verdes any longer, that's how long their arm was in the South Bay area at the time. I was later stalked by roommate's boyfriends, threatened with fingers pointed at me, etc.  This was all part of an ongoing psy-op.

3.  Police have taken great interest in wanting to defeat me over great periods of time through forming these patterns of people's complaints and false witness exaggerated statements against me and are always there to get people riled up more then they initially were. Police have been networking with company employees I've worked with spreading false rumors and blowing up small petty issues over my conversations in garages, etc.

Supreme Court's ruled many times flipping off the police isn't a crime but free speech.

4.  In 1992 another high school peer police officer in my former home town of Palos Verdes Estates, CA pulled me over for initially giving him a thumbs down followed by the finger in Palos Verdes as I rode my new scooter.  He was sitting in a speed trap as usual, a 25 mph trap where police target blacks and "undesirables" from coming into their city so I gave him the finger flipping him off.  He then turned on his lights and pulled me over and, when I saw who he was, I took off hoping to leave the city without any trouble.  I received 220 hours of community service and severely bruised wrists.  (Please note the Supreme Court ruled - see above video)

5.  Police have infiltrated places I've worked as well where even a former FBI interrogator was placed standing above my work area spying on me  and interactions with female employees at Williams-Sonoma Corporate in 1997.  This FBI interrogator, Chris Cooper, had also infiltrated my lunch hour through a female friend.  Then, when a cop became the boyfriend of one of the young Asian women at the company, I noted she had marks on her face appearing traumatized so I knew the secret operation of looking for women to abuse there had begun. I tried to bring attention to it but the women didn't understand what was happening there, of why men who looked like OJ Simpson were coming into the female bathroom without knocking, etc.  In my view, the officers set up a network to control and gag women there.  (See Police Officer's Sick Orwellian Brotherhood of Darkness - February 10, 2012)

6.  Police spoke with Williams-Sonoma corporate influencing a large body of litigation in a R.O. against me for trying to expose their spy operation there.  Though I wasn't fully conscious of what was happening back then, today I know what it was all about.  Because shortly after they served me with a huge pile of paperwork over litigation to document me at this company, the police started secretly entering my property where I lived 3.5 years with someone who wanted the lease having been evicted many times.  I filed a complaint against Officer Ronald Gehrke for his secret activities who many years later was convicted and sent to jail on Christmas Eve. See Police Officer Ronald Gehrke - Who Does He Think He Is - October 17, 2012

7.  In 2007 when I was singing and recording music on the Internet, a man in San Diego who began a psy-op along with Rick Lazzarini, a horror movie special effects man, was exposed in my lawsuit I filed in 2009 in San Diego. They were so angry I uncovered their operation they, working with the police, have put up the website about my life focusing on me, and not the abnormal police harassment I've encountered. See BOMBSHELL - Rick Lazzarini Filed Motion To Quash Subpoena for His Identity - March 24, 2012

In summary: 

The police have been infiltrating my life the past several decades to make sure I go down in history as some troubled woman. Therefore the psy-op website put up about my alleged life was done  for the purpose to cover-up police unlawful activities. The psy-op is really designed to brainwash people who don't know me to cause some kind of harm through slander and false allegations. They're hoping the operation will trigger my demise and ultimate death being clearly demonic in nature.

I don't recommend doing what I did trying to be a self-appointed investigator. The ultimate angry responses I had were foolish in God's eyes being viewed as rebellious against authority placed over me.  When this all started I was young and naive believing the cops were the good guys.  I had never been in trouble before so I thought everything was peachy keen with the cops.  If you rebel against people in authority above you, God doesn't approve and you will suffer consequences they will exploit to their benefit.  The police had a green light to do what they did because I had anger issues and didn't follow God's Word.

I've since repented of course but can't do anything about the Internet psy-op up about me except let people know why it exists. I believe the blog's unlawful but the Court in San Diego gave full approval of the psy-op leaving me with no further recourse except to file a complaint with the FBI who I'm sure found it all very entertaining.

Police have violated the law many times in these disputes I had with them believing they're above it. They're too much on a power trip and the entire world witnesses their grave offenses against innocent people each and every day.  My case against police is now closed as I repent from not following God's Word allowing my former anger to thwart God's plan.  I was naturally a mellow person before this all happened and played musical instruments and sang. Cops didn't belong in my life this way,

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