Sunday, March 6, 2016

God's Last Chance Proving He Exists? Caldwells' Discovery of New Mt. Sinai May Be It

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Through research I've been able to deduce that one of the reasons why America in particular has fallen hard into atheist, immoral scientific and Satanic influences over the past several decades is thanks to a large body of archaeologist claims that there's no evidence to support that the Biblical Exodus ever happened. Consequently, the archaeologist community's convinced the general public through chipping away at the Bible's claims over generations through presenting a legal case there's not one iota of evidence in the archaeologist record for Exodus.

Latest video February 29, 2016: The Caldwell's explain their journey into Saudi Arabia since 1992 led by the hand of God to the highly protected area of where the Exodus took place.

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I recently subscribed to a new magazine called Prophecy Watchers to find this print ad about the recent update to Jim and Penny Caldwell's 4 hour presentation DVD Exploring Arabia's Sinai.

One of the downsides of the world's scholarly archaeologists is they clearly either don't know or use the Scriptures to help them locate evidence. Only Christians or Jews could therefore locate the place where Exodus occurred due to the unique road map provided in Scriptures. Anyone on the fence so to speak, whose longed for genuine full blown evidence to support God's existence can look no more thanks to the Caldwell's visits to Saudi Arabia at the mountain Jebel el Lawz documenting enormous evidence lining up with the Scriptural account. The amount of evidence provided of an untouched location protected by the Saudi Arabian government is simply mind boggling!

Though I don't personally ascribe to any one's dependence on physical evidence to prove God exists, if that's what's necessary to gather up the few remaining who will accept Him before it's too late then so be it. Allow me to preface, at this point in time it's a long shot of anyone turning to Jesus as their Savior based on the information of the true location of Exodus. I  know this because Jim and Penny Caldwell's been screaming from the rooftops the past two decades they've located the true location in Saudi Arabia where Exodus happened along with all of the unique discoveries there, but the fact remains the world, and even Christendom, have been largely ignoring them.

This trailer provides archaeologist interviews claiming there's not one iota of evidence Exodus was real in the archaeological record.

After the release of the the multi award winning documentary Patterns of Evidence Exodus in 2015, it was completely confirmed the archaeologist community's work in the area of the Exodus has been written in stone into their minds. Interviews with major players in ancient archeology all demonstrated the same stubbornness to consider they may have been looking in the wrong time period and location for evidence they never discovered.

Over the weekend I watched the Caldwell's newly updated Exploring Arabia's Sinai DVD, a presentation by Jim and Penny Caldwell and it's as clear as day they have uncovered in its totality the location of Exodus, Rock of Horeb, and all.  Christians should be celebrating this new discovery, the Saudi's have been protecting the area knowing full well for many generations it's the place of Exodus and Moses in the Bible so it looks much like a movie set waiting to film the cast.

In Summary:

Based on a vision from God, American Jim Caldwell, having worked for an oil company in Saudi Arabia, brought his family on research trips disguised as vacations within the country where they eventually discovered the location of Exodus over a twenty year time frame. The Caldwells were also able to confirm through sources the Saudi's have recognized the location where Moses led the Israelites for many generations.

The Caldwell's are uniquely blessed American Christians having left behind their television sets in search of reality outside the mind control matrix who should be greatly applauded for their courage in risking their lives for God who protected them every step of the way.

For anyone searching for genuine proof of the existence of God that scholars have been clearly denying and covering up the true location of Exodus, I strongly recommend watching the Caldwell's 4 hour presentation in, Exploring Arabia's Sinai.  

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