Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why The Best Thing About Facebook Is Its Blocking Feature

Facebook reminds me of hydroponic plant maintenance, the seedlings take a ton of maintenance but never take root in reality. It's virtually impossible for human relationships to develop in a social medium that amounts to mind control. It's become crystal clear to me that Facebook's a social engineering tool that God doesn't approve of whatsoever.

I recently had the displeasure of a top executive at Facebook calling for my mobile notary services who put me through a lot of hoops only to cancel. I printed out his document I offered free of charge and answered all of his pitiful emails and texts only for him to cancel without apology.  When I sent him a confirmation of the cancellation since he had provided his credit card info over the phone, I wrote "odd cancellation" in the email for my
Good to block him
It's good to block a FB Exec.
records that I wouldn't be providing services for this man ever again due to his attitude on the phone. Well this Facebook executive wrote me back wanting to know what I meant by "odd" and when I responded, he went ballistic ripping into me. That's right, he had no care at all all he put me through with multiple communications only for him to cancel.  That's what Facebook metaphorically represents to me is a lot of time consuming nonsense that goes nowhere with people. God clearly used the Facebook executive as a metaphor to stop wasting my time there.

It's no secret that many people go to the polls in order to protest against a candidate otherwise known as a Protest Vote.  Therefore, in case you didn't know, the reason I'm really on Facebook is in order to block you as a person who has hundreds of hydroponic Facebook friends. It's good to block you, it really is! I'm not interested in you, don't want to see your photos or anything about you so I've gathered a few handful of Facebook acquaintances, in order to sign on to Facebook for the purpose of blocking hydroponic virtual persons such as you.
"The real beauty of Facebook is the ability to block people. Real friendships don't require Facebook invitations, only prayer. God's the One who provides us with beautiful friendships we must learn to protect from the enemy." - Cheryl Meril, April 7, 2016

You're welcome, I'll be praying.

It's Jesus we're all supposed to get to know through His Word. I just feel it makes a much stronger statement to block hydroponic people on Facebook, that real friendships don't exist on that platform unless they took root in real life through Jesus Himself.