Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Forget Trump, America's Too Far Gone

In case you didn't know, America's falling lately. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can hardly stomach the vile political season upon us. There's so much division and ugliness in our nation, it's most surely going to fall no matter who the President is.

I invite visitors to view some of Youtube's Public Freakout Compilations, Angry People Compilations and Neighbors from Hell Compilations of how Americans commonly behave and treat each other throughout the country, including the typical obscene language uses with great intensity. Back in the 1970's, 80's and 90's people didn't quite talk this bad.  This vile language has become the cultural norm thanks to horrendous RAP artists influencing youth to talk trash the past two decades. People no longer have dignity.  Not only that, but the average American's more concerned with POKEMON GO then with the growing threat of Islamic Jihads.

A 27 year old American complains about people coming into her workplace to hunt POKEMAN'S. Note her demeanor.

The sad part is, the liberal side is so arrogant and self-righteous, so full of fake morality that they're in the process of bringing the nation down into eternal hell and judgment. The politicians have sold America out to world powers and Trump can't save our country. The recent generations are godless and antichrist with tattoos all over their bodies.  The RAP music isn't ever going away.

Neighbors from hell all over YouTube (Love Thy Neighbor the Greatest Commandment)

America's going to become a hell hole, I can say that with great confidence. I know because of what I've witnessed on these videos that will only get worse with time. So I'd highly advise everyone to prepare for the fall of America, that God isn't going to save our country because it's not His will under the circumstances of such outright rebellion and lack of repentance as a whole.

Best Public Freakout Compilation of 2016

Angry People Compilation

My President is the Lord Jesus Christ, the only one who can save anyone. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton should be the U.S. President.  For one, Trump's an entertainer, not a politician and can't keep his trap shut that the media swarms like locusts whenever he opens it.  By nature politicians are cons, slick liars who know how to make themselves look good.  Politicians know how to keep the focus on superficial things the media eats up 24/7.

If it ever looks like Trump will win the election, President Obama's likely going to declare Martial Law based on what he stated today, that Trump is unfit to be President.  What Obama is really referring to is Trump is an incompetent politician.  That's what Obama is referring to because he can't see beyond politics.

Time to Face the Ugly Truth? How about turn back to God!

So please be prepared, the culture's falling apart. I read my Bible and pray to God for guidance. The fall may happen this year due to the election cycle. Obama may become a dictator with a third term of Hillary not elected.  If Hillary is elected, she will be a horrible President and open America's borders for everyone to come here if they so please. Hillary would be a brutal dictator like President and dismantle America.