Thursday, August 4, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton's Bizarre Behavior Crazier Than Trump's Mouth?

In my opinion, the Democrats have a very strong intensive distraction campaign going on so the public will remain ignorant of Hillary Clinton's health problems that would clearly jeopardize her competency if elected.  The cover-up is being conducted through intense politics with vicious attacks on Donald Trump likely due to Hillary's lingering brain injury from a blood clot after a fall back in 2012.

At least Hillary has some real excuse, Trump has a much different type of problem that causes him to run off at the mouth without carefully considering the political consequences.  I don't know which disorder is worse. Remember the Starbucks boycott Trump pushed due to no Christmas decorations on its cup last year?  Jay Sekulow, the lead attorney at the American Center for Law and Justice, recently expressed shock on his radio program at Trump's stirring up unnecessary problems over another petty controversy over Ivana.  In fact, Sekulow interrupted his broadcast as an emergency in order to review what he said was unbelievable that Trump's campaign would be obsessing over such a petty matter stirring up another media storm with new tweets.

This outstanding video goes into a medical doctor's feedback on Hillary's condition.

Most of us realize that Trump is an entertainer, not a politician. Being a politician has really become an art form of being a professional con artist and liar in this day and age.  Trump's been informed many times that he needs to begin taking on the role of a President, yet still lingers in limbo in the entertainer role. So far neither Hillary nor Trump are Presidential material in many people's opinions, including my own. Hillary is too corrupt to be President let alone her health issue and Trump apparently now feels victimized by the political bruising process that he's starting to lose a desire to win.

Both of these candidates shouldn't be candidates for U.S. President.  In my entire life I've never witnessed any Presidential candidate fit to be President, nor that ever met my expectations for being a good President.  President Reagan's releasing mental patients onto the streets has to be one of the most consequential Presidencies of my lifetime.  President G.W. Bush was even worse. No one has ever been a good President since the day I was born in my humble opinion.

Many will discover the soul of the Democratic Party in Hillary's America

On a side note, I wish singer Barbra Streisand would have stayed out of politics being goddess of the Democratic Party as she has over the decades. I've since repented of ever listening to Streisand's singing the past four decades and now believe she's possibly channeling spirits through her voice and acting.  Barbra has all the facts from the documentary Hillary's America, yet disregards it all still pushing for Hillary's Presidency.  Barbra doesn't care about facts and reality and never changes in response to serious flaws in the Democratic Party that's really become Satan's political party to many Christians.  Based on God's Word, I know Barbra Streisand serves the antichrist spirit, that of Satan so it's therefore not possible her singing reflects the true God of Israel.

Many artists, including Robin Williams, have admitted to this practice of contacting the spirit realm to help with performances.  See Robin Williams Acknowledged He Channeled Demonic Spirits for Comedic Power - August 14, 2014

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