Monday, September 26, 2016

Deflated Balls? Trump Too Polite With Foe Hillary Clinton

Tonight Trump's balls became deflated significantly to an evil demonic Hillary Clinton because he didn't rip her to shreds and grind her to dust as he should have before a one hundred million viewer audience.  Where have the real men gone in America? Today most men are all pansies thanks to the liberal witches running everything.

Here's a hint Mr. Trump: You don't go into a debate being polite, you rip your opposition to shreds when its criminal and evil! That is what you do Mr. Trump. You don't sit there allowing some wicked woman to walk all over you!

I'd like to see some real anger for what Hillary Clinton has done! No pussy footing around the issues with polite gentlemen behavior. I'd like this person Hillary Clinton ripped off the podium for what she's done, no more lies!

Crazy California Liberals Demand Trump Be Arrested for "Hate Crimes", Sign Petitions

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These liberal old hags are trying to take over everything in America! They're crazy delusional and belong in mental institutions. Those who support these crab apple liberal women are out of their minds.

If I were debating Hillary Clinton she'd be gone. Gone, gone gone!