Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Last Haunting Words of Activist Charlie McGrath on YouTube

Yesterday I learned of the passing of the Wide Awake News founder activist Charlie McGrath.  Charlie was only 46 having passed from an asthma attack the day after releasing a video entitled Shocking Truth - Fight or Die. Back in 2008 I began listening to Charlie because he was much like a watchman on the wall with steadfast clarion call forewarnings of worldwide economic collapse right up until the day he died.  He was a tremendous communicator with a passionate heart that cared about people and their future in America especially.

I've occasionally revisited Charlie's YouTube Channel to see what's going on with him only to discover yesterday the bad news of his passing over seven months ago. I was quite shocked and didn't know people can die in this day and age of asthma.

After viewing Charlie's final video the day before he passed, I noted a haunting anomaly near the ending. Charlie always ended his videos with "that's all I've got", being short and sweet and would then lift up his arm to turn off the camera in succession. In his final video Charlie said and did something surprising out of the ordinary.

In the video below, I've provided a clip of few of Charlie McGrath's final urgent haunting words.  He died as a man who cared more about others then himself that right up to the last hours of his life he was letting everyone know what lies in the future that's unavoidable.

I put together a short clip of the ending of Charlie's video released the day prior to his passing. There's a link to the original video in the description section.

I don't know if Charlie was a Christian having accepted Jesus as his Savior but he sure seemed to be relying on God's strength to continually forewarn people of the dangers up ahead.  His message has Christian tones of being vigilant against the enemy to retain one's freedom (in Christ), and not becoming enslaved to one's enemies.  Charlie also gave this message within 24 hours of passing as an example that his bad health wasn't going to deter him from releasing a clarion call to vigilance.

Charlie McGrath's activism seemed much like a Christian Watchmen on the Wall 

I personally tilt towards those screaming from the rooftops about dangers up ahead rather than those enjoying the lazy luxury of their lives.  I myself tend to be the type of person who lets people know of dangers I've encountered. Whatever I learn from I let people know right away in some form.  A small mistake in judgment can blow up in our faces into a huge raging fire.

Reginald Kaigler was interviewed on Wide Awake as a conservative Christian pundit on YouTube

If you knew you could save people's lives eternally not to perish, you'd let them know what they're facing without Jesus in their lives, wouldn't you?  I tend to want to forewarn people of danger myself so I identified with Charlie McGrath's urgent messages. That's why it saddened me to see Charlie so sad at the end of this video, he was a true warrior doing what was good. My concern at this point is whether he had accepted Jesus into his life and read God's Word because I don't recall hearing him speak of God when I listened to him years ago.

Another urgent message from Charlie McGrath two days before he passed.

In San Francisco my urgent call for Jesus salvation in people's lives often fall on deaf ears so I take a different approach of interacting in the environment of lost unsaved souls while serving God cleaning up graffiti.