Sunday, September 18, 2016

Watch Out for Fake Christian Pastors in San Francisco!

Today's churches, many of them aren't recognized in the Courts of Heaven. I'm convinced! It's worse to attend a false doctrine church, better to not go at all. Here in San Francisco, there are no real churches of Christ I'm aware of, all I've visited are compromised by the political correctness here.
For instance, churches can't legally turn away practicing sinners and, for the purpose of finances, like to have as many bodies in their seats to keep them afloat. Therefore all of these churches are fake if they can't address the real issues happening in their churches. This situation has created great public speaker based entertaining Pastors who are paid a nice salary for their work. People go for the nice Christian band praise music and for a social community gathering. Problem is, it doesn't get below the surface to real spiritual issues and, from my experience. when people skip bible study for sports spectator events, it's not a real church at all.
I went to these so called Christian churches and they used me for tasks like passing out granola bars on street corners to try and convince people to come to their Easter service. They asked me to wash the dishes for them on their church property, which in reality was really a performance auditorium with a kitchen. After a few times I began turning them down for health reasons that I once glanced behind me to observe I was being sneered at by one of them. I had a kidney stone and a thumb injury!  I had washed their dishes with a painful handicap already. I pushed myself to serve and it was totally unfruitful due to the bondage they wanted me in.
Let us make it clear from the very beginning that the established religious system, which manifests itself in the abomination called "church", is NOT of God. We intend to make it very clear, by studying the Greek words found in the New Testament, that the pattern which God intends His people to follow and live by is the ECCLESIA system, and is RADICALLY different than that which calls itself "church" in our day. As you read this short study the truth will dawn on you that Christians today have been fed a LIE, and that they have been enslaved by the religious systems of men. If you truly love Jesus and desire to follow Him in total obedience then you must seriously consider the facts that follow. We encourage each and every person who names the name of Christ to PRAY, FAST AND SEEK GOD concerning the important differences between how the first Christians lived and how Christians live today. The Correct Meaning of Church and Ecclesia - 

These churches always sought to use me for tasks and manual labor and one member asked me repeatedly by personal email for donations to pay for their kids school projects. They don't get to know me so I stopped going. In other words, I felt very used by these churches. I also felt a target for others to take advantage of. If I would have let them, these church women especially would have worked me to death and placed curses on my soul for not obeying them.

I was continually asked to do all kinds of services, even put my life in danger for drug addicts in run down buildings.  I signed up obediently but then couldn't go because I was having kidney stone procedure. I ended up giving away a nice parka jacket to the addicts instead. When I came back to the Bible Study church group the following week they hadn't even been praying for me and forgot I had surgery not even asking me how I was feeling. The witches there put themselves above me, I was too beneath them to consider praying for as I suffered with a kidney stone. The arrogance was unbelievable.
I also couldn't go get baptized a second time since 1986 they had asked because I was sick.  The dangerous waves that have killed many at Ocean Beach in San Francisco was a pitiful place for baptism that the Pastor overseeing this church should be arrested in my humble opinion. Asking his church to be baptized in an extremely, cold, dangerous under toe, so called Pastor Chris Brady, son of a cop, needed his pompous CEO ass kicked!  Doesn't know how to treat ladies!  He doesn't even write his own material that's handed to him from The Journey Church corporate headquarters in New York along with template slides for his Sunday presentations.
The Pastors act like CEO's of corporations that church members are continually asked to work for and donate to. They don't get down on the ground and scrub with you. They glorify themselves while making you toil for them, likely while they're getting their weenies wacked by some wicked evil female church groupie witch. They even crack jokes on the pulpit like comedian entertainers about sex too! 
So no, I don't currently attend any so called church in San Francisco but that in no way means I'm not part of the vine of Christ.  The men are gravely lacking maturity here. It's truly grieving to the Holy Spirit the pitiful state of so called churches here. 
The first time I attended a Bible Study group at Reality Church SF, I was really excited but as it turned out I was only one of three who showed up due to the basketball playoffs. People skipped Bible study for basketball!  Every time I went to Reality Church everyone was visiting from out of town, and many my age were simply visiting their family for a weekend. I actually helped them move to a Jewish Temple while renovations were going on at the church property several months. I spent a Saturday helping them move and they were all so young and I even observed homosexuals with tattoos patting each other on their behinds. Women with nose rings attend that church too  I was horrified and left after visiting only a few months.

I came to the conclusion these churches are more like social clubs and community organizations for millennials but not under the definition of Ecclesia.  Dead churches with good public speakers and their corporate salaries, outstanding deliveries of material, some good musicians, but they're not registered in the Courts of Heaven being dead. Dead head churches!  
I got the impression that if I did everything asked of me at some of these churches I'd be dead and gone by now.  Seriously! They didn't care about me at all. I'd pray for all of them and their own health issues, but everyone's issues completely overshadowed my own. Everyone had huge issues there and it was so overwhelming and out of balance that I felt strongly had I gotten caught up there they would have slow killed me just like corporate America. They were almost as bad as working for management at law firms!
I wondered, what do these people really have in store for me always demanding my time this way? Always asking me to donate, give clothing, give money to mothers and their children, do household chores. All while ignoring when I had a kidney stone procedure, an injured thumb. 
This wasn't a church, The Journey SF especially, it was a death toll ringing!  Ominous, ugly and foreboding so called churches full of power hungry, greedy and despicable individuals looking for any way to manipulate others for their own benefit all under the holy name of Jesus.
Today I participate in on-line ministries and help people in San Francisco the Holy Spirit leads me to.  I'm not in bondage to these fake social club churches any longer while staying away from the witches and warlocks posing as Christians who want to curse and slow kill me. I have since forgiven them for trying to drag me into hell with them.