Friday, October 21, 2016

America's Gone - A Former Liberal's Premortem Commentary

RED ALERT: America as a nation is dead, nearly gone in spirit while being greatly divided against itself. This will serve as a premortem evaluation of what Christian Prophets such as David Wilkersen and Henry Gruver have revealed in visions for decades to forewarn Americans to repent or perish. See Mark 3:24
"A pre-mortem — also known as a premortem — is a managerial strategy in which a manager imagines that a project or organization has failed, and then works backward to determine what potentially could lead to the failure of the project or organization." 
For those unaware, the Biblical term repent means to turn away from sin back to God and His principles with a heart of wanting His forgiveness, something Americans never did as a whole. Quite the contrary, America has sunk deeper and deeper into delusion, spiritual darkness and sin through a liberal do as thou wilt secularized culture. America has since completely lost its foundation in God as a nation being headed for its destruction and an example to all other nations of what happens when a formerly blessed once great nation turns away from God and His Word.

Americans respond to Hitler in WWII
As a Christian with knowledge of God's Word and Prophets' visions, it's very clear to foresee what the very near future holds for America under these current circumstances. I can honestly say with great confidence, there's no hope for America except for those rare individuals who may repent in its final days. To those who refuse to heed God's warnings, I can say with 100% certainty they're all facing eternal hell in the afterlife.  You see, God is no respecter of persons, this includes every single arrogant American celebrity whose rejected Jesus as their Savior, the only one who could have saved them from such a disastrous outcome. See  Romans 2:11

The only hope left for America is those lives who accept Jesus into their hearts and repent of their sins. Because America is in its last days, it's my Christian duty to let people know there's no real future for our nation.  God has issued warnings through His Prophets but America has chosen not to heed them. Therefore the outcome is clear what is forthcoming right before our very eyes.

Obama as a traitor of the U.S. has arranged for Russia to nuke America in the future.

America is going be destroyed, not only by its enemies, but from within by traitors in its leadership who have enabled these circumstances of dismantling its military while having recently handed  over billions to Iran in cash payments.

Sadly, Americans have lost their country.

1.  By losing a foundation in God's principles, falling out of a relationship with Creator giving into temptations. America fell:

     - Thru godless music and television that played a large role in distracting Americans from reality. 2 Thesselonians 2:11

     - Thru recreational and prescription drugs that were tremendously damaging to America's culture.

     - By naively trusting their government it was doing "good" on their behalves. Hosea 4:6

     - By accepting false doctrine teachings of the AntiChrist spirit. Ephesians 4:14

One of America's greatest traitors, a vile, corrupt Hillary Clinton speaks of America's "goodness".

2.  By taking pride in a fallen nation after it had been handed over to Satanic vices and traitors instead of repenting in response to God's Prophets visions of their nation's destruction. Proverbs 8:13

     - Americans live in the past of their once blessed nation in denial of its current dangerous spiritual condition where they do not fear God whatsoever. Proverbs 1:7

3.   Many Americans believe they're special by the land they occupy having become gravely delusional and blind to what they face without Jesus in the afterlife.  Romans 2:11

4.   Liberals have flourished in America's culture by abusing God's grace, patience and mercy of their true spiritual plight being on the broad path to eternal hell. Ephesians 4:14

American women responding to Hitler during WWII

Finally, I personally found it so frustrating why Americans preferred in large numbers to believe the lies of their government. America's government and military complex committed grave sins against other nations over fabricated lies the American people in great numbers preferred to the truth.  The nation needed to repent as a whole and get rid of the cancer in its military, CIA and government leadership which it clearly failed to do.

This is the last call for Americans to repent and surrender their lives to Jesus prior to God's forthcoming wrath.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My REAL Duty -- Why Are People Afraid of Notary Publics Yet Don't Fear God?

It always amazes me as a public servant, a notary public the past seven years, how many of my customers think of me as having authority that can be potentially painful in their customer experience. When I'm done notarizing their documents I sometimes hear "that was painless!" with a sigh of relief.

It's so ridiculous people are so programmed by our government to believe pain can be inflicted on them by anyone with authority, yet most totally dismiss God as being anything more than a gentle giant like an old grandpa waiting in heaven for their arrival. What a sense of entitlement I might add, people expect God to accept them for simply being good people based on their own standards, really? This popular belief is often common and yet entirely false! "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

As most of us know, we all have various duties to fulfill in our given roles in life. My particular duty as a Christian is to forewarn people, especially those who believe they're good and thus okay with God, of what they're facing without Jesus in their lives upon their entering into the afterlife. This is to confirm there's no excuse for allowing ourselves to enter into eternal hell because Jesus has defeated hell and Satan at the cross and resurrection thus providing us with the means to enter into His eternal peace. It's not brain surgery being a Christian but a very simple act of faith to accept God into our lives and follow Jesus out of this world to eternal safety.

I'm doing this video as my Christian duty, whether you watch it or not. It's on you now, you can't say you weren't forewarned! If you choose not to watch this video, that's your free will God gave all of us.

We have a growing problem in America with a criminal reckless government full of traitors.   Wikileaks has recently exposed the criminal politicians for those who care to know but God has been exposing them through a flawed man, Donald Trump as well. The fools in the U.S. government plan on inciting a WWIII with Russia over a ridiculous dispute wanting Syrian regime change over Assad's rejection of America's intent on having an oil pipeline to run through his sovereign country. America has really become an empire builder around the world infringing on other nation's sovereignty. God views America as a wicked, evil nation because of its war crimes and atrocities against innocent people. America's no longer the good guys of the world whatsoever!

Christian Prophet Henry Gruver's vision of invasion coming into view today of Russia and China attack.  Others have had a similar vision including the late David Wilkersen.

What I'm trying to say is WWIII could begin at any time with nuclear plumes all over the country, that time is running out to accept the salvation for our souls Jesus Christ is extending.  Eternal hell is real and our nation is about to be judged after being forewarned through Christian Prophets for decades of visions of nuclear attacks from the sea.  Eternal hell is located at the core of the earth where children of wrath are placed in a hold area prior to being thrown into the lake of fire along with the supernatural demonic beings.  It's truly a terrifying ending, don't let it happen to you!

Don't miss God's timing!  He sent His Son Jesus to suffer for our sins so we could be set free and enter into His eternal peace.  You can't lose following Jesus!

No excuse will be allowed after we die and enter into the afterlife, our fate will be sealed forever.  It's my duty as a saved Christian to forewarn those who continue to ignore the spiritual reality they're facing that obedience to God and His Word is the only way to enter into eternal peace in heaven. Being good in our own eyes isn't justified by anything but our own human standards not good enough to enter heaven.

God's perfect in His timing, He even puts signs in the heavens! No one in their right mind can miss his message.

1. Accept Jesus into your heart asking for forgiveness of your sins against Him.  God will enter into your life to redeem, restore and heal you spiritually and physically.

2. Get water baptized at a genuine Christian church

3. Begin studying God's Word and praying to develop a relationship with God.

4. Fellowship with Christians

4. Learn how to hear God's voice, there are many books on the subject as well. Listen to sermons by Pastors such as Dr. Charles Stanley, Sid Roth, Perry Stone.

Humans fell from God's grace due to our entanglement with demonic beings through disobedience that continues to this very day to want to hold us in bondage to sin in order to destroy those created in God's image.  It's all very simple, God upholds His Word that's true. If you know God's Word that's half the battle, knowing God Himself is the other. When we accept Jesus into our lives we're instantly transferred from the kingdom of darkness to God's Son's Kingdom of light. Colossians 1:13.

I'm fully aware people won't be very interested in my personal videos or this article.  People are more interested in material things, I got 4,500 views on a stupid desk chair video I did two years ago I since removed. I did this article as my Christian duty in obedience to God.  The ball's in your court now.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Declaration in Opposition to American Government's Evil Activities

RED ALERT:  America's coming to an end up ahead as a world power because a majority of its people have become ignorant godless fools and its leaders an abomination before God.  The U.S. government actually supports ISIS providing it with weapons!

This is to declare that I as an American citizen, do not support the current government installed in the White House, nor have I supported any government installed over the past several decades.  In fact, I am vehemently opposed to America's government's Satanic evil activities.  I have put my trust and faith in Jesus as my Savior and have not one iota of hope in America's leaders or military that is one of the most evil in our nation's history. I pray for my fallen country and repent of  taxes I've paid to fund such a diabolical evil Babylon empire that stinks in God's nostrils.

This is what happens when a former "liberal" progressive has her eyes opened to the real evil committed by those in the U.S. government.  She puts out videos of absolute outrage letting her viewers know what's really going on.

Former liberal YouTube Channel 'Sane Progressive' is outraged at evil in U.S. government outing it all in her videos.

Russia's activities point to preparation for nuking the U.S. just as Christian Prophet David Wilkersen prophesied in the 1990's.  Everything's lining up exactly like Wilkersen's vision.

We have a country being "run by idiots" according to the American Center for Law and Justice's recent broadcast.  That's right, idiots!  They don't know what they're doing and we've lost our nation because of it.  Next comes the invasion and nukes as 40 million Russian citizens participate in an underground bunker drill preparing for nuclear war. 

Surrender to Jesus before it's too late!  Ask for God's forgiveness and surrender to God.  America's going to be wiped off the face of the earth where unrepentant sinners will be sent to the core of the earth into eternal hell.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Troubled Yelp Reviewer Michelle (MishPen) P. - San Francisco

This Friday evening I very much wanted to relax from a busy week except for the fact some freak reviewer on Yelp, Michelle (MishPen) P. has been harassing me since 2:00 pm claiming to have witnessed me on my eBike do something to a vehicle blocking intersection traffic and a Muni bus. Michelle, the weird person behaving like a kindergärtner without a husband or man in the photo at left, who no one was willing to pose with for obvious reasons, had her review removed against her will eight hours ago for violations of Yelp's terms and conditions. Problem is, this lonely individual is back writing on my Yelp business page again making up lies.

Having no shame after having her review removed by Yelp, Michelle posted another review complaint continuing to harass and annoy someone who doesn't want a thing to do with her. This pathetic manipulation, clearly that of a deranged sadistic person playing the role of a traffic cop, is just another good example of Yelp reviewers taking great liberty to harass business owners they don't receive services from or do business with.

Profile:  "When I'm Not Yelping. . . I'm bothering other people" Michelle "MishPen" P.  Acting under a collective liberal mindset likely in order to soothe her sense of isolation, Michelle has granted herself jurisdiction as a self appointed traffic cop with privileges to place on Yelp at her own discretion.  
The reason Michelle likes to bother people is she is a shameless, ugly, fat, unhappy, sinful, rebellious alcoholic who desperately needs Jesus in her life.  
Today as I was riding my eBike home on a Friday afternoon wanting to start the weekend early, some ridiculous person complained about my business on Yelp over a traffic incident I encountered with someone willfully blocking the intersection and a Muni bus ahead of me. I drove around the vehicle and there was no crime committed whatsoever. Michelle claims to have witnessed something that caused her to write "I would never use this service. . ." and she wrote three paragraphs of her claim to have witnessed something I did.  When her review was taken down, she reposted an "update" accusing me of being angry. - Cheryl Meril, Mobile Notary Public
All day long I note bicyclists and skateboarders doing crazy things on the streets and here we are again, some crazy liberal freak picks on me, a tired 56 year old mobile notary coming home for the weekend in heavy traffic. This admitted mischievous woman on Yelp based on her own words and profile is harassing me while posting yet another review complaint I'm harassing her. 

My graffiti, repair and paint requests on SF311 App.  On my down times in my business I walk miles in San Francisco scraping labels off of parking meters and light posts saving tax payers hundreds of dollars in clean up costs.  I also report graffiti to the city and get things repainted and repaired.

In my previous post, POKEMAN GO Zombies Possessed Wandering Everywhere, I disclosed how I often spend hours in San Francisco reporting graffiti to the City of San Francisco on its 311 App as well as scraping off labels on meters and wherever else I find them.  I've contributed to keeping San Francisco's downtown and Nob Hill areas newly painted electrical, fire call boxes and light poles and have significantly disrupted the flow of graffiti artists who ultimately give up due to my steadfast fast removal of their public nuisance materials.

Back to Michelle and her issues now, some person standing on the sidewalk watching me ride my bike home.  This person's review was removed within one hour as a violation of Yelp's terms, but that didn't stop Michelle from posting another complaint "update" of an unlawful review claiming I was angry. Obviously a manipulating witch, Michelle has chosen to keep this issue going as she, once again, sadistically posed another complaint against my notary business she never used. I wasn't angry, the review was removed, Michelle was the one angry who then once again violated Yelp's terms and conditions writing another review.

"I'll have the whiskey and the horsey on the bottle, please" - Michelle "MishPen" P. reviewer on yelp.

We observe this pitiful childish behavior time and time again with freakish liberal women in San Francisco. Middle aged homely women who can't get a good job or husband that they pose in freakish photos on Yelp harassing people, admitting they're alcoholics who are proud of harassing others declaring who they are to the entire world.

Here are some of Michelle's other false criminal allegations against businesses who have now networked over her ridiculous accusations, not only as a witness who has no business writing a review, but as a drunk late at night standing in line with her boyfriend to get pizza. This is a person without a life, a loser, a lost soul who is needs Jesus in her life, yet has no interest in repenting of her obvious sins. 

To begin with, let's take a quick glance into the subconscious mind of a woman who longs to cut up someone with a knife.

click to enlarge

Michelle apparently  has a secret desire to kill someone with a knife based on her serious angry complaint someone is denying her access to one. Note the angry frustrated language. Who does this?

click to enlarge

Four years ago, Michelle waits in line after being at a bar late a night. Obviously drunk, she claims to witness an assault by pizza employees of someone while standing in line to enter. She's complaining they turned her away and is clearly jealous of the one they allowed inside.  Who can blame them? 

Click to enlarge

Michelle accuses MaduSalon hair salon of charging her for a hair cut she never had that she even claims she did not make an appointment for.  She's accusing them of petty theft on Yelp. Why not file a police report? What was the outcome, where is the update? 

Click to enlarge

Michelle is implementing a third party complaint having witnessed an alleged friend apparently being unlawfully evicted by Real Management Company. This is a violation of Yelp's terms and conditions. 

Click to enlarge

Here Michelle grunts out a childish review of Family Stations like an animal.  Over five years later, is she married with a husband and family yet? I think we know the answer based on her latest activities. FAIL!

So I'm going to put myself in Michelle's shoes standing on a street corner watching me try to get past a vehicle willfully blocking the intersection.  That's right, someone violated the law blocking the Muni bus from entering and myself.  No crime was committed by me as I moved on past the vehicle.  What does this person who made all of these accusatory reviews do? She goes home and writes a long winded review of what she witnessed and recommends no one uses my servcies because of it.

Who is Michelle?  I have her entire name and identity from the salon she accused of petty theft.  This will go out to her employer for her endless harassment of a business over a non-event. This will go out to all of the businesses she has accused of criminal activities. This blog post will be linked with this person one way or another until she removes her lying, stinking review off my business page!

Then after all is said and done, I will pray and forgive her for disrupting my Friday evening with her alcoholic mischief.  I will pray for some sinful idiot woman standing on a street corner observing a notary on a bicycle struggling to get through a blocked intersection on a green light, then complaining on Yelp about a non-event.

What a freak!