Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Declaration in Opposition to American Government's Evil Activities

RED ALERT:  America's coming to an end up ahead as a world power because a majority of its people have become ignorant godless fools and its leaders an abomination before God.  The U.S. government actually supports ISIS providing it with weapons!

This is to declare that I as an American citizen, do not support the current government installed in the White House, nor have I supported any government installed over the past several decades.  In fact, I am vehemently opposed to America's government's Satanic evil activities.  I have put my trust and faith in Jesus as my Savior and have not one iota of hope in America's leaders or military that is one of the most evil in our nation's history. I pray for my fallen country and repent of  taxes I've paid to fund such a diabolical evil Babylon empire that stinks in God's nostrils.

This is what happens when a former "liberal" progressive has her eyes opened to the real evil committed by those in the U.S. government.  She puts out videos of absolute outrage letting her viewers know what's really going on.

Former liberal YouTube Channel 'Sane Progressive' is outraged at evil in U.S. government outing it all in her videos.

Russia's activities point to preparation for nuking the U.S. just as Christian Prophet David Wilkersen prophesied in the 1990's.  Everything's lining up exactly like Wilkersen's vision.

We have a country being "run by idiots" according to the American Center for Law and Justice's recent broadcast.  That's right, idiots!  They don't know what they're doing and we've lost our nation because of it.  Next comes the invasion and nukes as 40 million Russian citizens participate in an underground bunker drill preparing for nuclear war. 

Surrender to Jesus before it's too late!  Ask for God's forgiveness and surrender to God.  America's going to be wiped off the face of the earth where unrepentant sinners will be sent to the core of the earth into eternal hell.